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Guild Engineering conducts a number of geodetic works in Nikolaev. Geodetic works and the construction process are closely interrelated concepts. Geodesy includes a variety of procedures that precede and accompany the construction process. The emphasis in surveying is placed on the measuring work. And they are made should be with maximum accuracy. Because the measurement results are transferred to the paper, graphic documents. And this transfer must be an absolute copy area only in reduced form.

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Office of the company "Guild Engineering" in Mykolaiv is located at Prospekt Centralny, 93. Also, the office is the most convenient Parking. The office hours: Mon-Sat 8.00-19.00


Geodetic works Nikolaev, topographic survey of the land, the carrying out of the boundaries of the site

Geodetic work, we offer Nikolaev is not one and not two procedures. A whole spectrum of processes, complex activities and individual work. And they all aim to fully explore the specific area. To do this, for geodetic purposes uses a variety of specialized  apparatus and computer programs. This equipment must have the appropriate permits, certificates, only then it is allowed to work. This particularly applies to those devices which are involved in geodetic surveys in industry, when it comes to increased safety.

All work under the surveying can be divided into two major blocks - field and office. This division is based on the location of the procedure. However, they cannot exist independently of each other. Laboratory and field work are closely linked. Field execution processes. This fixation parameters with the help of special equipment. And laboratory work is the processing of field data and their systematization in reports or graphical documents. As you can see, both units are interconnected. You cannot perform the field phase and ignore the Desk. In this case, it makes no sense from the information recorded instruments and specialists in the area. Without their processing and preparation of drawings, plans, and technical reports of research published incomplete. In turn, laboratory work also  cannot be conducted without the prior field. The specialists for their implementation there is no complete data set.

Price surveying 2 900 UAH for the object

Geodetic processes in Nikolaev our company are carried out for all areas and structures. Require special attention such  as industrial zones and structures, hydraulic structures, elements of the mining industry and others. In this direction a lot of specific works. Among them are the level measurement of sediment on water engineering objects definition the verticality of high-rise structures, leveling work at production facilities or the establishment of the sizes of raw materials for industrial warehouses Nikolaev.  

If you take the construction process in General, regardless of the purpose of the future construction, it is possible to allocate such  key processes:

  • topographic survey of the area and preparation of topographic plan;
  • Executive survey communications and individual elements of the design and drafting of Executive documents;
  • final as-built survey with the development of supporting documentation;
  • calculation of the amount of excavation works;
  • marking works, the transfer of a construction project on the site;
  • a reconciliation of the structures in terms of their verticality, horizontality, compliance with the axes.

Our company provides the whole range of geodetic services in Nikolaev on any objects. In addition, we accompany the construction process and execute control over his swing. It is also possible the observation of objects in the course of their operation to detect deformation or other negative phenomena. All these procedures will ensure longevity of your structure.

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