Geodetic works in Nikopol

Geodesy is a complex of works, which are associated directly with the measurements on the ground. Measurements are of different nature and may be held for different purposes. Geodetic works are carried out in two stages. During the first measurements on the ground. It is called a eld. The second is the design of reports, mapping, maps, plans and drawings forming and other survey documents based on the data obtained as a result of the field phase. This stage is called the Desk.

Geodetic works Nikopol, topographic survey of the land, the carrying out of the boundaries of the site

Nikopol city with a developed industry, which is the main drive of the local budget. Any industrial enterprise needs in conducting surveys. And there are a lot of reasons. Geodetic works in Nikopol need not only in the construction of industrial enterprises, but also to check the existing industrial equipment. Everyone knows that the equipment ensures the timely production and release of a specific product. Unfortunately, any mechanism sooner or later destroyed and to prevent a nuisance from time to time need to reconcile the industrial equipment in Nikopol. In providing this service might include the following geodetic works: creation and control geodetic control network and control the geometric parameters of the studied components.

in Addition to industrial enterprises in the conduct of surveying may need lands that are set aside for building either of them need to get certain information to process the necessary documents. In any case, each plot requires a certain geodesic processes.

Price surveying 2 900 UAH for the object

the Most popular of all geodetic services offered by our company "Guild of Engineering" is a topographic survey. Holding it is necessary to obtain data that will subsequently serve as the basis for the compilation of topographic plans and schemes. Topographic plan is a complex of activities during which measurements of distances, angles, heights. The measurements are carried out using special tools to get the most accurate data. On a scale of conducting the topographic survey affects what you want to display the investigated area. If you need to spend topographical survey in Nikopol, we'll do it at the scale you need. Most commonly used scale 1: 500. Topographic map is a drawing of the surface of the land on which the common symbols on objects. Topographic plan may be needed not only for the owners of large areas, but also to those who have it much smaller. Most often, this document is required to conduct construction.

the Company "Guild of Engineering" will hold any geodetic works in Nikopol. If you need geodetic support of construction, please contact us. We provide data with millimeter precision.

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