Surveying New bug

the Company "Guild of Engineering" shall conduct geodetic works in New bug. With our surveying services, you will be satisfied. The long experience of our surveyors allows us to efficiently and quickly carry out all survey operations and to provide the most accurate data. Geodesy is the science, which has found wide application measurements on land, where it is planned to be erected a building or structure, and further support the entire construction process. But it does not end there. Any area requires data.

Geodetic works New bug, topographic survey of the land, the carrying out of the boundaries of the site

Geodesy has many different directions and they are all very important. One of the main areas that orders remains among the most popular is topographic and geodetic works. They represent a range of activities that can be divided into several groups:

  • the development of land management land. During the event that such work is carried out registration of legal, technical and economic documentation that may be required in carrying out various operations with the land. It can be transmitted in the legacy, sale, alienation or change of designation of the land. We document in accordance with all relevant regulations and requirements.
  • carrying out cadastral surveys. Cadastral surveying is a set of activities aimed at identifying, and if necessary, restoration of land boundaries. Cadastral plan includes display area, the outer limits, the coordinates of the turning points, cadastral number of the investigated land parcel and adjacent parcels, contours of objects of the real estate located on it, the boundaries of land, etc. Our surveyors will conduct cadastral surveying in New bug with the use of special equipment that will allow for this type of work quickly with maximum accuracy. Cadastral surveying is very important as competent and quality it contributes to the receipt of the cadastral passport, without which it is impossible to obtain permission for the design.
  • a topographic survey. Topographic survey is carried out to further the compilation of topographic maps and charts. During this mode, the measured angles, altitude, distance, underground and surface utilities, real estate, and also all the items that are on the site. The data obtained are reflected in the topographic plan. To conduct a topographical survey in New bug will help surveyors company "Guild of Engineering", which, thanks to its long experience carry out this type of work efficiently and quickly, regardless of the degree of complexity of the tasks assigned to them.

Price surveying 2 900 UAH for the object

Turning to the company "Guild of Engineering", you can be confident that all work will be produced with millimeter precision, and that all required documentation will be executed in accordance with all regulations and requirements.

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