Surveying Novomoskovsk

Surveying and construction work is inseparable concepts. They are closely intertwined and linked. Only because of geodesy can very accurately calculate all the parameters of the future construction and right to move it from the project site. Because surveying is a whole industry that involves a different measurement and survey procedures for the establishment of certain indicators defined territory.

Geodetic works Novomoskovsk, topographic survey of the land, the carrying out of the boundaries of the site

Surveying work is not one or two of the process. This is a whole complex of services, which are aimed at a comprehensive study of the earth's surface and its subsoil, water bodies, as well as different designs. Consequently, areas in which it is used geodesy also several. First of all, is the above - mentioned construction. But apart from him and maintenance of industrial, mining and other complex and important objects.

For geodetic works an important role is played by the equipment used in the process of carrying out certain procedures. Without this equipment, it is impossible to carry out any work associated with measurement, determine accurate parameters. Only precise and professional equipment to ensure accuracy of data and results at all stages of the surveying process.

depending on the type of work and the location of such activities may vary geodetic field work and laboratory. Field are held directly on the territory that needs to be studied. Office work involves the processing of information obtained in the field with the help of computer programs. Also an integral part of the office work is the development of the documents of the graphic nature of diagrams, maps, drawings, plans.

Price surveying 2 900 UAH for the object

As mentioned, geodetic services, there are a large number. We, as a company whose specialization is exactly geodesy, provide a wide range of geodetic services in Novomoskovsk. Among them are the following works:

  • topographic survey in Novomoskovsk, topographical site plan is required and one of the main geodetic procedures prior to project construction stage;
  • Executive interim and final as-built survey of facilities and survey of underground utilities in Novomoskovsk, development of as-built documentation in Novomoskovsk. This service allows you to monitor the construction process and be on the lookouterrors
  • block of land management presented cadastral surveying, followed by the cadastre plan, the definition of boundaries in Novomoskovsk and their consolidation;
  • settlement in determining the volumes of earthworks during construction
  • marking works and transfer of the project to the area in Novomoskovsk
  • alignment structures on the axes, horizontal and vertical;
  • the creation of various graphic documents and timely updating of information;
  • leveling work in Novomoskovsk, especially in industrial facilities.

This is only General directions, which can stand out and other important processes. Any necessary service in Novomoskovsk you can order in our company, working in this city.

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