Surveying Novopokrovka

In the conduct of geodesy everyone needs a plot of land, regardless of its size and the purposes for which it is intended. You are going build a huge residential complex, or you need to develop a plan for a suburban area. In any case, will need to hold relevant geodetic works. Geodesy has many directions. The most basic are engineering-geodesic surveys. This type of surveying is one of the priority directions of the company "Guild of Engineering".  

Geodetic works, Novopokrovka, topographic survey of the land, the carrying out of the boundaries of the site

Topographic and geodetic works in Novopokrovka, which is carried out by our surveyors, help to get the most accurate information about the situation in the area, its topography, its communications, both above ground and underground, and the objects placed on it. They are implemented to ensure the most effective operation of the object to use to the maximum the territory, to create projects and construction process of a new building or structure. Topographic and geodetic works include engineering and land surveying, topographic survey and creation of the topography. Surveying work can be divided into several stages:

  • the first stage is called preparatory. During the surveyor receives technical task that is required documentation. After the analysis of cartographic materials for the study area.
  • the second stage of field. During this stage, work is being carried out, during which performs all the necessary measurements.
  • the third stage of the Desk. It is in the design documentation based on the data obtained during the previous phase. Created topographic maps and diagrams, maps, drawings in compliance with necessary standards and requirements. During post-processing of data in our company "Guild of Engineering" used special software that allows you to provide data to the customer in the format required.

Price surveying 2 900 UAH for the object

Topographical survey in Novopokrovka our surveyors performed using an electronic total station, which helps to obtain the most accurate data. Search underground utilities, as well as their layout is done using transosteal systems. Such systems can operate in contact and contactless mode.

If you need engineering-geodesic surveys in Novopokrovka for the construction of linear structures, our surveyors will hold these work efficiently and quickly, providing data with millimeter precision.

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