Surveying Orekhovo

Any plot requires of the survey, without which it is impossible to produce a renewal of the land, to obtain permission for construction of buildings or structures. Actually, the reasons for carrying out geodetic works do not count. They are very different, so geodesy has a variety of directions. First of all, you should understand just what is a geodetic works. Surveying is a science that is based on measurements of the earth's surface. The she found the support of the entire construction.

Geodetic works Orekhovo, topographic survey of the land, the carrying out of the boundaries of the site

There are two main stages, which are divided geodetic work of nature - field and office. During the first measurements are made of the earth's surface with the aid of special tools. Surveyors should have perfect access to it in order to get the most accurate information, which will be the basis for the drafting of the necessary documentation. It can be topographic maps or diagrams, as-built documentation, reports, and various drawings. The documentation is called the Desk phase.

it is Very important that surveying work performed by qualified professionals who have special skills and know how to use the equipment, which is widely used in the measurements. Literacy and responsible attitude to their work - those are the main qualities that are inherent to our experts. We will perform any geodetic works in orikhiv with high quality and within the stipulated time and will prepare all the necessary documentation with the relevant standards and requirements, which you will be able to get permission for the design and construction.

Price surveying 2 900 UAH for the object

the Most popular service among the entire list, which provides the company "Guild of Engineering" is a topographic survey. It is for the compilation of topographic maps and charts. Topographic survey is a set of works that are carried out in three stages:

  • preparatory
  • field
  • Desk.

During the first stage of going all the documentation that is required and is parsed. The second stage involves the measurements in the survey area for the purpose of selection of accommodation geodetic reference points. Third - cameral stage is based on the topographical plan. Topoplan is a large-scale drawing, which by using the established legend portrayed the surface of the land with all elements located on it. These elements included overhead and underground utilities, existing real estate and all subjects areas, including various plantings. Can I topographical survey in orikhiv you will help our professionals who will do their job perfectly. We will geodetic works in orikhiv of any complexity, the quality of which you will be satisfied.

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