Surveying Ordzhonikidze

Geodesy plays a very important role in the construction of buildings or constructions, and often accompanies the entire construction process. Topographical surveys are a combination of topographic and geodetic works, during which measurements, calculations and design.

Geodetic works, Orjonikidze, topographic survey of the land, the carrying out of the boundaries of the site

All work should be performed only by qualified professionals who know how to use special equipment to obtain the most accurate data. This is very important as even the slightest mistake can lead to inevitable consequences such as cracks, deformation of the Foundation and much more. To not be concerned so much trouble and the building or structure was reliable and durable, grant holding engineering-geodetic surveys in Ordzhonikidze the company "Guild of Engineering".

For the long period of work, our company has gathered a staff of only the best surveyors who are responsible for each given task, whatever it may be. We understand the responsibility of their work, so very attentive during its execution.

Price surveying 2 900 UAH for the object

Engineeringgeodetic surveys that we conduct in Ordzhonikidze, include:

  • the establishment of a geodetic framework;
  • layout
  • measurement of deformations of foundations or structures of buildings and structures.

On the completion of each phase of installation and construction works performed Executive survey, through which the control over the quality of the sentencing project in nature and all deviations that occurred during the the construction process. Based on the data compiled documentation in electronic form or on paper. Executive documents include drawings and diagrams. Upon completion, control is performed as-built survey.

Our experts will conduct Executive survey in Ordzhonikidze and efficiently.

geodetic surveying is necessary not only during the construction process, but also for carrying out various operations with land plots. Geodesy might need in the event of a sale of the land in dispute between neighbours over the border, when you make a donation and heritage, and much more.

the Most current service is a topographic survey. It implies a number of activities aimed at the measurement site for the compilation of topographic maps and charts. The survey can be carried out at different scales. It depends on the purpose for which it is held. If you need topographic survey in Ordzhonikidze we will do it efficiently and at an affordable price, providing the most accurate data.

Enjoy our geodetic services in Ordzhonikidze you can at the telephone number listed on our website.

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