Geodetic works Pavlohrad

If you have planned the construction, reconstruction, or any other work at the site or facility in Pavlograd, owned by you, without the help of surveyors just will not do. No matter which object you own civil, industrial, water. Our surveyors working in Pavlograd, can provide a number of important and topical treatments. And procedures in surveying a lot. Indeed, this trend is complex and involves many different processes.

Geodetic works Pavlograd, topographic survey of the land, the carrying out of the boundaries of the site

In General, geodesy directed to the full dimension of quantitative and qualitative indicators of the site or object. Calculations made by the experts give the opportunity to accurately determine all quantitative data area, and the required amounts of construction materials for each segment of work.

Almost all survey operations pass through several stages. It all starts with the preparation of exploring the territory of documentary materials relating to her. Then follows the main stage fieldwork. It is at this stage, we study the plot or a specific object, set the required parameters. Is all this only using professional surveying equipment. The more accurate and better devices, the more effective and accurate final result.

Price surveying 2 900 UAH for the object

the Logical conclusion of surveying is cameral stage. This data processing by software. This processing at the output gives a full technical report relating to the object and the work performed on it. Another important component of the Desk phase is a graphical documentation in the form of a plan, a map, a set of drawings or diagrams, which are the main geodetic instruments.

Among the services provided in Pavlograd, we can distinguish the following geodetic works and directions:

  • in preparation of the object to some procedures that can be land survey work in Pavlograd: cadastral surveying and the cadastral plan in Pavlograd, the definition of boundaries in Pavlograd or clarification with the subsequent issuance of these boundaries and their consolidation boundary markers
  • on the pre-project stage must be conducted topographic survey at a specific scale. Topoplan, which is the result of this procedure is the basis of the project;
  • in the course of construction also has a number of works - first calculated the amount of excavation work, then executed axial breakdown, transfer of the project on the area, is the reconciliation of structural elements;
  • in the course of construction and finishes are produced as-built survey of the key elements and overall structure. Definitely compiled related graphic materials;
  • must be fixed by means of Executive surveying communication lines;
  • when it comes to industrial facilities, can connect such procedures as the leveling of the individual elements of industrial structures and equipment, check the verticality of high-rise buildings, the determination of the volumes of raw materials stocks and stuff.

Whatever direction your object in Pavlograd, professionally investigate surveyors of our company.

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