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Geodesy is somehow connected with measurements, and without it, none of the construction phase. But it is a mistake to assume that only limited to this, and geodesy. Surveying work required to implement various operations associated with the land. For example, purchase and sale, inheritance, gift, etc. Equally important she is and when designing and planning suburban areas. And sometimes able to solve the dispute between the neighbors. As you can see, for carrying out geodetic works a lot of reasons and if you need geodesy in Pereshchepino, we are happy to provide such services.

Geodetic works, perederina, topographic survey of the land, the carrying out of the boundaries of the site

the company "Guild of Engineering" surveyors with many years of experience, so they are not afraid of any difficulties set before them geodetic tasks. In any case, our specialists will perform them efficiently and quickly. In their work they use innovative technical equipment, which allows to obtain data during the measurements with millimeter precision. Our company provides a wide range of surveying services, among which the most relevant is the topographic survey. Topographic plan is a complex of works on measuring angles, heights and distances, resulting in a topographic plan.

Topographic survey is carried out in several stages:

  • field work. It includes the study of the territory and underground utilities. When you carry out these works used the total station
  • laboratory work. Are performed on the basis of the data received during the previous phase. Laboratory work includes the development of  topographic plan. On it, using standard symbols, identifies all items that are in the survey area;
  • preparation of the technical report. This is the final stage of topographic and geodesic works. Such reports need to be presented to the authorities of architecture and urban planning. Correct and well-written document enables you to obtain permission for the design and construction of the object.

Price surveying 2 900 UAH for the object

Topographic survey can be performed in large and small scales. The most relevant scale 1/500. Surveyors company "Guild of Engineering" have extensive experience in the implementation of these works, so for them to conduct a topographical survey in Pereshchepino not make much effort, regardless of scale. In any case, the work will be done efficiently and quickly.

equally important is the control and as-built survey, which is conducted at the site to monitor the quality of the sentencing project in nature, as well as to identify all deviations that occurred during the construction works. This survey is carried out on completion of each stage of construction works. The results are processed and on their basis is compiled as-built documentation. It can be presented on paper and in electronic form. Can I Executive survey in Pereshchepino and competently prepare as-built documentation will help our professionals with responsibility to each their task and perform at the highest level.

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