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"Guild of Engineering" is a fast - growing company that provides surveying services. Our company employs only qualified professionals who will perform their geodesic on any task efficiently and quickly. Years of experience allowed us to collect the company in its best state surveyors who understand the importance of your work, so I do it with maximum care and responsibility. If you need to make geodetic works in Pershotravensk, we will abide by them, giving at the end of the data with millimeter precision.

Geodetic works Pershotravensk, topographic survey of the land, the carrying out of the boundaries of the site

Geodesy is the science associated with the measurements on the earth's surface. This science is especially popular during the erection and construction works or when various operations associated with a particular parcel of land. Geodetic works are carried out in two stages. The first time the work is carried out on the measurement location. It is called a eld. Second - cameral, includes the preparation of drawings, reports, charts, maps the data obtained during the first phase.

Price surveying 2 900 UAH for the object

Geodetic works are of different kinds. Surveying is one of the major species. Such work can be a separate direction geodetic services, which are held for topographic maps and diagrams, and can be a primary forming of the whole process engineering surveys.

Topographical works are carried out in several stages:

  • preparatory
  • field
  • Desk.

the First involves the collection of all necessary documentation and analysis, second - complex of works aimed at the measurement location, and the third - drafting and preparation of all relevant documentation.

Among topographic and geodesic works most relevant topographic survey. It provides for the performance of the whole complex measuring tasks the results of which are compiled topographic maps and charts. The survey can be conducted at different scales. The most common in the 1/500 scale. To many it is known as the "'ll think". The obtained data are the basis for the compilation of topoplan, representing a large-scale drawing, which using conventional symbols reflect all items placed in the studied area.

Our experts will conduct any topographic and geodetic works in Pershotravensk efficiently by providing a competently written documentation.

one of the most essential types of geodetic works are engineering-geodesic surveys. They include such work:

  • removal of boundaries in Pershotravensk
  • breakdown of the axes of the objects in Pershotravensk
  • Executive survey in Pershotravensk
  • frames
  • removal of construction axes in nature;
  • processing of data, etc.

We will provide any geodetic services in Pershotravensk, which can be ordered by phone listed on the website, or contact our specialists by writing him a message in an online chat.

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