Surveying Petropavlovka

Price surveying 2 900 UAH for the object

In the course of construction and other work on the site, there is one important aspect is geodesy. It forms an integral part of construction, from him, accompanying and completing. Geodesy is a whole industry that covers not only the construction but also other areas. However, it is the construction sector often requires surveying procedures. Thanks to them you accurately record all the key parameters of structures or sites, and to present them in graphical form. And then also using the methods of geodesy to move these indicators with the utmost precision with graphic documents on the terrain.

Geodetic works the Petropavlovka, topographic survey of the land, the carrying out of the boundaries of the site

Most of the work is done directly on the site, and is called a field. Our company provides such geodetic field work directions in petropavlivka:

  • the establishment of a geodetic framework necessary for performance of construction works;
  • topographic survey in Petropavlovka for any purpose. Generally, topographic survey is performed to a full site survey to develop accurate project. It can also be run to create the landscape design plan;
  • the identification of the geometrical data of the territory, in particular its square
  • calculation of the amount of excavation work in Petropavlovka prior to construction;
  • the breakdown of the axial elements of the structure or communication lines;
  • transfer of the project to the construction site;
  • interim as-built survey of the major elements of the building façade, floors, roofs, columns and other important parts;
  • final as-built survey design
  • Executive survey communication lines and other engineering works;
  • alignment of structures and individual items - checking the alignment, horizontal, vertical;
  • the definition of a roll of high-rise buildings - flues, cell towers and other similar objects;
  • definition of production materials and inventories of raw materials in warehouses;
  • leveling work in Petropavlovka industrial and civil projects;
  • geodetic shooting in Petropavlovka various kinds, in particular, linear facilities, railroad facilities;
  • marking works in the construction of highways;
  • cadastral surveying of land;
  • definition of boundaries of the site, installation of boundary markers;
  • supervising the installation of equipment at work;
  • geodetic support of construction and monitoring at each of the construction stages.

The second direction in geodesy are laboratory work. They involve the processing of data, preparation of technical reports, graphic materials. In particular, it can be the following geodetic services in Petropavlovka:

  • development of a topographic plan of the territory of any scale, including the application of communication lines - ground and underground;
  • the preparation of the execution documents of any complexity and for any objects
  • for updating the outdated graphics materials, in particular topographic plans of the territories;
  • the preparation of acts - this should include such procedures as, for example, removal of boundaries in the area
  • preparation of technical reports on the results of those or other geodetic works.

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