Surveying Polohy

Geodesy is the direction of production, which consists in the study area by various measurements. All these measurements are formed in certain services. They are performed using professional equipment - digital total stations, levels, GPS-navigators, laser levels and other surveying instruments.

Geodetic works Valances, topographic survey of the land, the carrying out of the boundaries of the site

Work in the framework of geodesy can be divided into field and laboratory. Field, as the name implies, involve the fixation of the necessary parameters of the area or object directly on its location. For these purposes just and necessary above mentioned equipment.

Price surveying 2 900 UAH for the object

laboratory work is the next stage, which consists in the processing of those data, which were obtained during the field phase. Laboratory work require surveyors excellent ownership of special computer programs that help to process the data.

As you can see, even though all surveying work and is divided into two areas, however, these trends together closely interrelated. What unites them, field, and laboratory work are included in engineering geodesy. This is the geodesic direction is responsible for the investigation of land for the purpose to carry out the construction works.

If you plan to build and want a new object served you for many years without any problems, you just need some surveying. The very first thing you will need is a topographic survey. Without this important procedure is impossible drafting of the construction project. Topographical survey for the building is in scale of 1:500 and includes such information as the size of the area, its topography, location of all elements on the site, including communication networks. The result of the topographic survey acts as a topographic plan, which reports in detail all the data and helps in the design.

Other works required during construction, which we provide in the canopy, are:

  • calculation of the amount of excavation work in the canopy
  • transfer of the project on construction pad, risibile main and auxiliary axes;
  • intermediate Executive surveys in the canopy
  • final as-built survey and preparation of as-built documentation.

in Addition to tracking the construction of our company in the canopy works in the following directions:

  • work land management in the canopy and the compilation of technical land surveying  documentation
  • pre landscaping site - poderina shooting, preparation of diagrams and drawings of the site for landscaping;
  • work at hydro-technical facilities;
  • procedures associated with the construction of roads and Railways and exploitation;
  • monitoring work on industrial and mining sites in the canopy - identifying exceedances horizontal  surfaces and roll vertical structures, the definition of commodity reserves, control of deformation processes and other procedures;
  • the compilation of all types of cartographic materials, their digitization in the canopy, update, editing

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