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Geodesy is a branch of production, which is directed to the study of the earth's surface. However, the surface is a broad concept that includes many parameters. Of course, to study it with one hand is impossible. Therefore, in geodesy there are a number of areas and approaches to focus the attention of specialists in a particular field of study.

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Geodetic works Poltava, topographic survey of the land, the carrying out of the boundaries of the site

Among the numerous geodetic directions, one very relevant and in demand - engineering geodesy. It covers a wide range of questions relating to geodetic works in construction. With the help of numerous procedures that are part of engineering geodesy, you can easily explore the territory and objects at any stage - at the beginning of the works, during the construction process and even after its completion.

Price surveying 2 900 UAH for the object

At each stage of the construction process has its own set of topical treatments that you can follow for a successful future actions and to achieve a high quality final result.

it all Starts with the land. Before you start any operations with the territory, you need to tidy up the documentation on it. This need and geodetic land survey work in Poltava. In particular, it can be:

  • cadastral surveying in Poltava followed the cadastral plan of the territory;
  • removal of boundaries in nature in Poltava, the fixing of boundaries boundary marks and the drafting of the act of the removal of borders;
  • refinement of boundaries in the case of a dispute or loss of documents confirming the border.

If the documents are in order, you can plan the construction. But before compiling the project, you must perform one important procedure - a topographical survey. It will help to fix the parameters of the site, show the location of existing facilities and communications, and will provide information about the topography. Topographic plan and is the basis of the project.

Start of construction is characterized by such works:

  • the calculation of the volume of the earth;
  • the layout of the axes of the structures and transfer to the locality of the project;
  • the reconciliation items designs
  • Executive filming in order to monitor project implementation in practice;
  • Executive surveying communications.

Upon completion of the construction process, the work of surveyors ends. You first need to conduct a final as-built survey and compile as-built documentation, which will allow you to enter a design into operation.

in addition, quite superfluous if the surveyors will conduct regular monitoring on the object to identify anomalies, deformations, disruptions in the work. This is especially true of industrial facilities. Control procedures can be:

  • the height adjustment works;
  • definition of roll-rise structures;
  • geodetic survey designs.

depending on the nature of the object, a set of procedures may change. Any of them you can obtain by contacting our surveying company in Poltava.

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