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geodetic operations and implementation of geodetic control is an important component of the operation of any of the land and operation of any property. Thus there is absolutely no difference plot is civil or industrial purposes, agricultural land or infrastructure. These differences may relate to only some of the methods that will be explored territory in accordance with the nature. However, there are a number of universal geodetic procedures performed, if necessary, on all the objects.

Geodetic works Primorsk, topographic survey of the land, the carrying out of the boundaries of the site

depending on the destination site, the same geodetic work can have its specific implementation. This is especially true of industrial facilities. This industry is a number of procedures geodetic nature that help in the operation of industrial structures to monitor their functioning, identify deviations and deformations.

Price surveying 2 900 UAH for the object

Jobs in industry, mining, hydraulic engineering and other similar objects is a very important segment of the entire geodetic activities. Because these areas and objects require increased attention. With this purpose, carry out works:

  • hydraulic structures - dams, levees, reservoirs, performed the determination of the level of sediment and monitored during their operation;
  • on mining companies are using geodesy are the volumes of extracted mineral resources;
  • on-road facilities are subject to surveying during construction of roads and Railways. In the case of the railway tracks are leveling work to identify the level of excess of one section of the railway over the other;
  • on industrial sites, the volume of geodetic works greatest. Among them are monitoring the installation of certain equipment, leveling work on different structures and surfaces, defining a roll of high-rise buildings, identifying the volume of raw material inventory, and monitoring of deformation processes.

However, most of geodetic work is universal, and applies to any target destination land plots and real estate objects. In particular, our company in Primorsk in addition to the above processes provides following services:

  • cadastral surveying and the development of the cadastral plan in Primorsk
  • establishing and making boundaries of the area of nature in Primorsk
  • the preparation of any land management;
  • engineering-geodetic surveys - topographic surveys, development of topoplan and transfer of the project to the construction site;
  • counting the amount of excavation work in Primorsk
  • axial breakdown of any structures and facilities;
  • alignment structures in Primorsk
  • monitoring of the construction process, conducting Executive surveys;
  • the preparation of Executive documentation;
  • surveying communications in Primorsk
  • poderina shooting for the purposes of landscape design
  • update cartographic materials in Primorsk.

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