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Geodesy is the science that examines the earth's surface, reveals qualitative and quantitative indicators of a particular locality. The purposes for which and performs certain actions geodetic nature, can be very diverse.

Geodetic works pyatykhatky, topographic survey of the land, the carrying out of the boundaries of the site

In the framework of geodesy there are a lot of different directions, each of which has its object of study and its objectives. One of such directions is engineering geodesy. It represents a set of methods, which is the study area for the purpose of construction or reconstruction. It is engineering geodesy today - the most progressive and popular direction.

Price surveying 2 900 UAH for the object

engineering and geodesy includes a number of activities performed on each of the key stages of the construction process. Typically, surveying accompanies the construction or reconstruction of some object from the very beginning and before putting it into operation. Also an integral part of engineering geodesy is the monitoring of these objects in the course of their functioning and operation in order to detect deformation processes and negative changes in the design.

Start work on the construction with engineering surveys. The key procedure in this direction - topographic survey. The purpose of this procedure is comprehensively and in detail to explore the land plot allocated for construction or having an object that requires reconstruction.

during the topographic survey identifies parameters such territory, such as its size, the topography, the location of the communication lines under the earth and on its surface, the presence and position of real estate. These data are recorded using electronic total stations and satellite navigation systems. Then they are processed, and creates a topographic map on the same scale, which conducted the survey. Typically, in order to design standard applies to a scale of 1:500. The final stage of the exploratory phase is to transfer the developed project to the site.

in Addition to engineering surveys as part of the construction is the calculation of the volume of earthworks, breakdown of the axes of the future building, Executive  shooting with supporting documentation. All these works allow for the construction process correctly without error.

engineering And although the rooms are basic and the most popular, our company is also pursuing other geodetic works in piatykhatky:

  • land survey work in piatykhatky - cadastral surveying, planning, removal of boundaries in nature;
  • Executive shooting underground utilities in piatykhatky
  • poderina shooting for the purposes of landscaping and landscape design
  • and geodetic survey marking works for construction of roads and railway facilities;
  • estimate vertical high-rise buildings;
  • leveling surfaces in piatykhatky
  • identification of residues in warehouses, minerals, sediment hydraulic structures;
  • condition monitoring in industrial, hydrotechnical purpose in the process of their functioning.

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