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Each territory, each land has its purpose. Some are used for the construction of the house, others under crops, and others - under production needs. However, whatever the intended purpose nor was the land or object on it, without geodesy he can not do.

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Geodetic works Exactly, topographic survey of the land, the carrying out of the boundaries of the site

Geodesy, in particular engineering and its direction, is responsible for the study of land plots allocated for construction, their geometrical parameters and various quality indicators. It is an important component of the construction process, without which the latter is impossible.

for surveying the emphasis is on the creation of graphical documents. For the sake of a precise plan, detailed maps and easy scheme and performed certain procedures. Graphic materials help to accurately convey all of the recorded data. So the results are set out in the map or plan, were really reliable, geodesy uses a number of devices, which allow to obtain information on the proper level. The hardware and software that enables our specialists to accurately perform any surveying procedures, both at the stage of field and office studies.

Price surveying 2 900 UAH for the object

depending on what the purpose of the plot, a set of geodetic works can be extended, supplemented by specific activities inherent to a particular industry. For example, for infrastructure and industrial facilities there are a number of works that would not apply, for example, when building a country house. Such services are:

  • geodetic works in Exactly hydrotechnical facilities, monitoring of technical condition of reservoirs, dams, hydropower plants and other facilities;
  • revealing roll chimneys, communication towers and other tall structures;
  • calculation of the volume of raw materials remains in Exactly in warehouses industrial and agricultural projects;
  • definition of volumes of bulk materials in the quarry workings;
  • the Stakeout elements of mines;
  • geodetic works in Exactly railway.
  • leveling work in industrial enterprises crane track leveling and other elements;
  • geodetic control over the installation of new industrial equipment.

However, most services are universal in nature and is intended for all objects, regardless of direction. At any polling station can be Exactly carried out the following procedures:

  • all kinds of shots - topographic, cadastral, Executive;
  • the preparation of the final graphic documents on the results of imaging topographic plan of the cadastral plan, as-built documentation;
  • geodetic survey engineering structures and underground utilities in Exactly
  • updating, updating outdated information on graphic documents;
  • the calculation of the volume of excavation before construction process;
  • marking works in Exactly and transfer the project to the locality;
  • geodetic support of construction, timely detection of errors in the practical implementation of the project;
  • the definition of the geographical area data (coordinates) and geometric (square);
  • the establishment of boundaries in Smoothly and secure them.

If you need geodesy in Exactly, please contact our company, which efficiently and quickly will have geodetic services.

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