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Geodesy is the branch of production on the measurement of a certain territory. Surveying work is a very broad field that includes dozens of different processes. They all aim to study in detail the countryside, a particular or specific objects placed on it. While surveying actively uses all kinds of special equipment to make the research results are the most accurate, reliable and unbiased.

Geodetic works selidove, topographic survey of the land, the carrying out of the boundaries of the site

the geodetic nature are divided into field and laboratory. Field includes all the processes that are performed directly on the ground. The main purpose of the Desk geodesy is to process the data collected in the field, and to present them in the form of technical reports and cartographic materials. The latter include various charts, drawings, plans separate plots, and maps.

As a rule, most of the work geodesic character is on land that require paperwork on them, on construction sites, on sites that require redevelopment. However, there are some processes that are not held in the course of any actions with the earth, and after. These processes are collectively called the monitoring over the state of the objects in the course of their operation. All of these work together can be called postheadericon.

Monitoring activities conducted with the assistance of Executive surveys, leveling and other special procedures. Executive survey is the main method of control of various processes. Especially in  order to detect deviations from the rules and deformation processes. Meet in Executive survey and during construction, installation or other works. However, after putting into operation with its help you can promptly find a dangerous deviation.

Price surveying 2 900 UAH for the object

Also to help monitor objects leveling work to identify exceedances of some elements over others. Control surveying procedures is to define a roll of high-rise buildings, the remnants of raw materials stocks of minerals.

Another area of engineering geodesy is part of it, including all work associated with the construction process. Our company in selydove is the most comprehensive set of engineering-geodetic surveys, including:

  • topographic survey at a given scale, depending upon the purpose of the shooting process;
  • drafting topographic plan in selydove in a similar survey scale taking into account all features of the land;
  • poderina topographic survey in selydove when it comes to landscaping and landscape design
  • calculation of the amount of excavation work in selydove before the excavation of the trench;
  • transfer project in nature  and axial breakdown;
  • reconciliation of structures on the subject of verticality, horizontality and alignment
  • Executive survey survey of underground utilities in selydove
  • work at industrial, hydraulic engineering, road objects and territories;
  • the development and updating of any cartographic documents.

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