Geodetic works Marske

Sorsk is the urban - type settlement. But, despite its status, there are companies such as dairy, grain, agricultural enterprises. They all allow the village to grow, to be alive. If town is active, it appears the new construction, the active use of the land resource. All this gives us the opportunity to provide the local population and enterprises of different geodetic services Marske. After all, no plot, no territory without land use documents, and construction site without topographic plan. But it's not all that we do. Our scope of activities is very wide and covers all geodesic direction.

Our main goal is the reliability of the results and the lack of inaccuracies. We strive for complete accuracy in data transmission from nature on the graphical documents. Therefore, try to reduce even the margin of error.

The geodetic works in Marske that we perform can be divided into two large blocks. The first is the field where our experts work directly on the land, exploring the area. This study is performed using professional surveying equipment. Moreover, it must be certified. Especially when it comes to work in industrial facilities. Field stage involves detailed recording of all features of the site.

Geodetic works Sorsk, topographic survey of the land, the carrying out of the boundaries of the site

After the block field is the unit of Desk work. This processing of information obtained on the site. Is this process at room conditions. Basically, in front of the computer, where there are special programs designed for the processing of geodetic parameters and creation of cartographic materials - drawings, diagrams, plans, maps.

Price surveying 2 900 UAH for the object

If you take all of our services that we provide  Marske, they can be divided into several parts. First, is land works in Marske. They are necessary in order to put in order all the documentation on the land to carry out the privatization process to register the land in the cadastral registry, to enter into a right of ownership or to solve conflicts over part of the territory between neighbors. The block of land management procedures includes the following services:

  • defining the boundaries of the site, a Stakeout or clarification of, the installation of boundary markers;
  • cadastral survey of the land plot. On its basis shall be prepared cadastral plan. This is a key graphic document the whole package of technical materials for registration in the cadastre.

the Second block is the most ambitious. This block engineering-geodesic surveys in Marske. They are used with different purposes. Often, on plots allocated for construction, requiring reconstruction, development, and redevelopment. This unit covers dozens of procedures that are performed separately and comprehensively. They accompany the whole construction, reconstruction and other stages:

  • topographic survey of various scales, including poderino and geological;
  • the preparation of graphic materials on the basis of shooting;
  • commit underground communication lines;
  • center works on the site;
  • calculation of earthwork;
  • transfer of axles of the project on the environment;
  • interim Executive surveys;
  • technical writing text character.

the Third block - control unit. This work was performed during the operation of the object:

  • Executive control shooting;
  • leveling work.

We can perform for you, one service, and then you may seek help from other professionals. Likewise, you can come to us with ready-made materials and ask to object further. However, the performance brings the option, when our company carries out the whole complex from beginning to end. In this case, we can be sure that all the data that is shown in the drawings and technical reports received proper methods and accurately processed. But in any case, we are accountable to the complex, and to a single work, and execute them at the appropriate professional level.

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