Surveying Sinelnikovo

Sinelnikovo is a small town in the Dnipropetrovsk region. However, it has a great industrial value. First of all, in view of the fact that it is quite a big railway junction. But in addition there is a number of production facilities - factories of different scale and orientation. Each of these objects requires engineering controls. And this applies not only to the construction of new elements, structures. To control geodetic methods they need and during operation. Our company provides a full range of surveying services in the city Sinelnikovo on any objects both in industrial and civil.

Geodetic works Sinelnikovo, topographic survey of the land, the carrying out of the boundaries of the site

In General, engineering geodesy aimed at the study site by its measurement. Any activity on the land or object, regardless of its purpose requires the use of certain geodesic procedures. Special value gains this type of work in construction.

Price surveying 2 900 UAH for the object

In the framework of geodesy, there is a number of works. This range is very wide and covers all kinds of activities. Some works are universal and necessarily performed on each object. This service can be called, for example, a topographical survey. At the same time, there are a number of special works, covering only a specific direction, for example, the mining industry.

But regardless of the direction and type of work, all geodetic procedures can be divided into field and laboratory. Field provide an opportunity to explore the area and the object on the spot, on the site, with the use of special geodetic equipment. Off-site follow the field, and assume the processing of the information obtained during visual exploration. Also during laboratory procedures shall be prepared all the necessary documentation, and develop graphic materials.

As already mentioned, a universal procedure can be called a topographical survey. It is performed in order to form an accurate topographic maps and plans, which will be used to manipulate the plot. Particularly important results of surveying for the design stage during the construction process.  But for the many other needs of this service is relevant. Therefore, topographic plans may be different in scope, both large (e.g., 1:200, 1:500, 1:1000), so fine (1:10 000, etc.). Why topographic survey and plan made by its results, is such a popular service? The thing is that it can help you get the most complete information about any location, on any land and the position data and the size and topography, and all objects and other elements available on the site.

But in addition to topographic features and  a lot of other procedures that are aimed at a comprehensive study of the area. They vary depending on their intended orientation:

  • engineering surveying for construction. This is one of the widest areas. It includes a number of important procedures that are performed at pre-design stage, during construction and upon completion. Here you can include a topographical survey;
  • work on hydrological objects are presented in a separate block, as have some of its features;
  • design works counted volumes. In particular, the computation of the volume of the earth;
  • center processes become relevant when we are talking about the transfer of construction drawings to the site;
  • Executive procedures help to make the final and intermediate control of your object. Very urgent procedure for the study of communication lines and systems;
  • work aimed at the construction site, in particular, landscape design;
  • the implementation of the reconciliation of objects and their individual elements for proper installation or position during operation. Especially, this kind of work is important for the production of objects, which is important for Sinelnikovo.
  • In each of these blocks can distinguish their individual work aimed at obtaining specific information. Based on the aggregate this information and builds the final result. As you can see, geodesy in Sinelnikovo is well developed and presents all types of surveying.
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