Surveying Sofiyivka

Surveying work may be required for any land regardless of their purpose. They apply equally to private sites, and industrial facilities in various directions. A study of the land is important in view of the many different causes. This may be the need for execution of land use documents, the decision to erect buildings or to carry out reconstruction work on existing facilities, landscaping, and control over functioning of the facility.

Geodetic works Sofiyivka, topographical survey of the site, removal of boundaries

for these reasons, are selected and the corresponding geodesic procedures. By its nature, execution, difficulty and use for any equipment they may differ from each other. Typically, for each specific task is selected its own set of required procedures. Basically, this set of works. Moreover, even one service is comprehensive because it runs two main stages - field and laboratory. For field surveyors are studied parameters of the plot directly on site and offsite stage gives the opportunity to process the information.

Cost of specialist from 1 900 UAH for the object

Work on land - that's what starts active operations on any land. First of all you need to organize all the documents, and only then move on to other processes. And that geodesy is responsible for the quality and accuracy of land management. In particular, carried out such procedures as the definition of the boundaries of the land and their imposition by the installation of boundary markers. According to the results of the work of the relevant act, which is the official document. If between the owners of adjacent lands have any disputes about boundaries, it is their clarification. But the full land surveying procedure is cadastral surveying, which allows to identify the exact coordinates of the site, its parameters, boundaries. These data are presented in the form of the cadastral plan.

If you just want to improve your site, to execute works in landscape design, without our help will not be enough. Geodesy is evident in this case in the form poderino shooting on a large scale, often 1:200. This survey allows to take into account the smallest details up to each Bush.

However, the most significant area of geodetic activities are the building process and control of the object during operation. In the framework of this direction are carried out such procedures in Sofiyivka:

  • topographic survey in Sofiyivka, the development of topoplan;
  • the establishment of a geodetic network in Sofiyivka
  • transfer of the project to the construction site;
  • marking works on the site in Sofiyivka
  • the calculation of the amount of excavation works;
  • as-built survey of the facility during construction and upon completion. Development of as-built documentation;
  • Executive survey communication lines;
  • reconciliation structures in Sofiyivka, check the verticality of high-rise structures;
  • monitoring deformation processes;
  • leveling work to control (especially important in industrial facilities).

in addition, we work with hydraulic, mining, road territories and objects.

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