Surveying Solone

the Demand for the work of surveyors not decrease ever. Surveying work can be called relevant in any place and at any time. Because the plot requires research at any stage and during its execution, and in the process of improvement, and during the operation. In the composition of geodetic works are more popular services, and those that are specific and does not apply to all objects.

Geodetic works Solonoe, topographic survey of the land, the carrying out of the boundaries of the site

Before you start any action on the land, it is necessary to issue. The process of registration is not possible without land surveying. In particular, is:

  • definition of boundaries, the imposition of boundaries in nature with the help of landmarks;
  • the cadastral survey of the land and cadastral plans;
  • clarification parcel boundaries between adjacent if owners have any disputes.

Price surveying 2 900 UAH for the object

Our company in Salted deals in all types of surveying. One of the key areas is the construction. In the course of construction or reconstruction is performed such procedures:

  • topographic survey in Salted needed to fully explore the grounds before designing;
  • creating a topographic plan, thus placing the project;
  • marking of boundaries in Salted
  • a breakdown of the main and auxiliary axes future construction
  • transfer of the project from paper to the countryside;
  • poderina shooting in order landscaping in Salted
  • definition of quantitative data on the site, in particular, its square;
  • establishment of horizontal and vertical geodetic network;
  • transfer of the elevations on the different positions of the bottom of the excavation, installation of the horizon;
  • Executive interim and final shooting;
  • development of as-built documentation in Salted.

All these works are performed on various stages of the construction process, accompanying him from project preparation and prior to the commissioning of the new facility. However, when the building is commissioned, the work of surveyors ends. In the course of its operation we perform such control procedures:

  • alignment structures vertically, the horizontal axes in Salted
  • determining the verticality of the columns, as well as high-rise buildings;
  • specify the alignment elements;
  • fotos of the facade in Salted, and also other key elements of the structure;
  • timely updating of cartographic and geodetic materials;
  • development of technical documentation regarding the monitoring object;
  • Executive surveys in Salted and the drafting of relevant schemas.

tests require timely and regular execution.

depending on the object is allocated a number of special works that have a more narrow focus. In particular, this leveling of the work, the determination of residues of raw material resources, land survey, roads and Railways, runways, and other elements. All these works are relevant to industrial or hydraulic objects.

Among all surveying services that your attention is in Salted our company, the most relevant is the topographic survey. Performing this type of work is required for different purposes:

  • to obtain permission to construct buildings or structures;
  • for carrying out communications from Central networks and when there is a question of rescheduling of underground utilities;
  • for the design of landscape design;
  • to assign the "extra" acres. Topographic map you need to provide to the administration together with the supply of legal documentation.

Topographic survey is performed to obtain reliable information about the study area on the basis of which a topographic plan. It represents an image area in a reduced form. On this topographic map shows terrain, all of the objects and the elements placed on it, ground and underground utilities, etc. topoplan can be performed at different scales, but most commonly used scale is 1: 500.

The company "Guild Engineering" will perform any surveying work in Salted, regardless of their complexity, qualitatively and in short terms.

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