Surveying Svitlovodsk

what area of your land, what a relief features are inherent in it, which it more options, and also the condition of objects placed here will tell you geodesy. This branch deals with the study of parameters of land.

Geodetic works Svitlovodsk, topographic survey of the land, the carrying out of the boundaries of the site

In the framework of geodesy outstanding engineering geodesy. She specializes in issues related to construction. Because the construction is very responsible, multifaceted process that requires a lot of effort, waste of money and time. And geodesy is designed to help not only to simplify this process, but also to make it right, high quality.

Geodesy allows extremely accurately record all data relating to the plot and also to transfer them from paper back to the site in draft form. The purposes for which ordered geodetic procedures can be very diverse. The same can be different and the services provided by the surveyors. In one case it may be only one procedure, and some whole complex.

Price surveying 2 900 UAH for the object

So, for example, for the arrangement of your garden, the local area and to create a landscape design will be competently performed topographic poderino shooting on a large scale (1:200). But when it comes to construction, at all stages there is a whole set of geodetic works:

  • the establishment of a geodetic framework;
  • topographic survey to develop a plan with the application information area, the topography, the presence of real objects, as well as surface and underground communications;
  • the calculation of the volume of earthworks in order to calculate the cost of the construction phase, and also in order to optimize the process;
  • axial breakdown structures and transfer to the terrain design level;
  • geodetic alignment of structures. The timely implementation of this procedure makes it possible to avoid violations and deviations from the norm;
  • Executive surveys - are also conducted in order to monitor the progress of construction and identify inconsistencies with standards and project. Final as-built survey is a mandatory procedure before entering into operation of the structure. The survey is necessarily constituted the Executive documentation.

in Addition to tracking the construction of our company in Svitlovodsk and provides a number of other procedures. In particular, this service land surveying nature concerning the design of technical documentation on the site. Such services are cadastral surveying and drafting plat in Svitlovodsk and also the definition of the boundaries of the site and submitting them in nature.

don't stay aloof and industrial orientation, and waterworks. Geodetic control exposed dams, dikes, reservoirs, and other similar items. In addition, industrial areas, a number of specific procedures:

  • the calculation of the amount of earthen mounds in the quarries;
  • identification of residues in the warehouses;
  • check the verticality of high-rise structures, such as chimneys;
  • geodetic procedures in Svitlovodsk mines
  • the control over correctness of installation of industrial tools and equipment;
  • crane track leveling in Svitlovodsk and other objects.

Our the company will provide geodesy in Svitlovodsk and efficiently to provide you with the most accurate data.

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