Surveying Ternivka

Surveying is an important activity. In addition, it is always current. As the land is constantly issued and renewed, built up, improving and are being rescheduled. All these and a number of other areas is not possible without geodesy with its ability to explore areas according to different criteria and parameters. These criteria and options depend on what goals are pursued in the course of the work, as well as on the purpose of your study area.

Geodetic works Ternovka, topographic survey of the land, the carrying out of the boundaries of the site

The volume on the number of processes is engineering direction. It includes all the work that is done before, during, and upon completion of the construction process on a particular object. The magnitude of the direction due to the large number of activities performed and their significance.

Price surveying 2 900 UAH for the object

for example, this includes such key geodetic procedure as surveying. Naturally, the survey is carried out not only in the territories allotted for construction. However, these lands often become its objects. This is because without topographic survey, or rather, without topographical plan, by its results, it is impossible to proceed with the development of the construction project. For such purposes, the survey is conducted on a scale of 1:500. And when the process is complete, a plan ready and  it approved the project, the task of the surveyors of our company is competently to move this project to the construction site.

in Addition to surveying and related engineering works direction has a number of important processes that we carry out in Ternovka:

  • create a layout in Ternovka
  • calculation of the volume of earthworks in the Ternovka
  • transfer marks on the bottom of the trench;
  • breakdown of the axes of the structures in the Ternovka
  • Executive surveys in Ternovka, the documentation is based on them;
  • final as-built survey for putting the building into operation;
  • status monitoring of the structure during its operation, tracking of deformation processes by conducting various geodetic procedures.

Geodesy covers any and all areas and facilities outside depending on their direction. A separate segment are industrial areas. Here there has been a number of so-called specific jobs requiring special approach:

  • leveling work on surfaces and industrial elements;
  • fotos roads, Railways under construction
  • count remains of raw materials in the warehouses of the enterprise, as well as minerals on mining objects;
  • geodetic survey of hydraulic structures - dams, reservoirs, dams;
  • check the verticality of chimneys and other tall structures.

in Addition to these works, we are also engaged in surveying the complex, including the definition of site boundaries and cadastral surveying, surveying procedures for slum area (poderina survey), research communication lines  and all types of cartographic works.

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