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Geodesy is the science that comprehensively explores the earth's surface in different directions. Most often geodetic works are measuring the nature and aimed at identifying quantitative data with regards to a given territory. However, in addition to digital data on the size of the plot, by geodetic studies, you can learn multiple quality characteristics of the land or property.

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Geodetic works Ternopil, topographic survey of the land, the carrying out of the boundaries of the site

One of the areas that helps owners to cope with such a difficult procedure as the registration of land, is land management. Geodetic land surveying imply a whole set of procedures. Basically, they're aimed at identifying quantitative information. Thus, the service definition of the boundaries of the plot gives the opportunity to clearly establish the boundaries of your territory. And attaching them to the landmarks and making the act of the removal of borders and actually has been documented in the territory that you own. At the same time, the plots have a number of controversial issues that are addressed by the specified boundaries. Another land surveying service is cadastral surveying. It allows also to obtain data on the boundaries, the parameters of the plot, its size, and also set clear coordinates. All of this is then transferred to the cadastral plan.

Price surveying 2 900 UAH for the object

But most of the work falls on the surveyor, when talking about the construction on the plot, the reconstruction of existing facilities or landscaping. This raises the need for a whole set of procedures that will thoroughly investigate the object.

in order to begin construction or reconstruction processes, we need to conduct a topographic survey, after performing the geodetic network. Survey data reveals  size of the site, the topography, the location of the objects. This procedure is extensive, but it is most prevalent. Completes her final topographic plan, which is the basis for the design stage. In addition to surveying and have a number of other works by us in this direction in Ternopil:

  • transfer of the project to the construction site;
  • breakdown of the axes of the future construction
  • calculation of the amount of excavation work in Ternopil
  • transfer of the elevations on the mounting horizons, as well as on the bottom of the trench;
  • fotos communications in Ternopil ground and underground locations
  • Executive surveys in Ternopil in the intermediate stages and at the completion of construction;
  • reconciliation of facility and its individual elements, check the verticality of the columns;
  • poderina survey of the area to plan a landscape design.

Another area is the technical objects - roads, businesses and others. It also highlights a range of specific services:

  • location surveys and geodetic survey in road construction;
  • works on the railway objects;
  • geodesic study mining areas in Ternopil
  • works in dams, reservoirs and other hydro-technical facilities;
  • the definition of a roll of high-rise buildings in Ternopil
  • the height adjustment works during the installation and operation of equipment.

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