Surveying Tokmak

Geodetic procedures are very important for any land and any object. It is therefore important to find the right people. Especially sharply this need is in small towns, where the choice is worthy of very small firms. Our company works in many places, including in Tokmak, for all geodesic directions.

Geodetic works Tokmak, topographic survey of the land, the carrying out of the boundaries of the site

Geodesy is industry research associated with the study of the earth's surface. Most often the objects of research are private land, the territory of the different orientation of, as well as various structures and facilities. Survey operations are conducted only with professional equipment. Otherwise it is impossible to speak about the accuracy and veracity of the figures. Namely, the reliability - that is the basic requirement for geodetic works.

Price surveying 2 900 UAH for the object

In the territories, which includes industrial facilities, the question of carrying out geodetic procedures is particularly sharp. That such is the territory of Tokmak. On such sites is carried out a number of specific procedures to other practically not applicable:

  • the identification of mineral deposits and minerals, inventory of raw materials in warehouses, elevators;
  • check the verticality of high-rise buildings, in particular, the definition of roll chimneys;
  • crane track leveling, as well as other industrial equipment and surfaces
  • fotos railway tracks in Tokmak
  • routing line features
  • the identification of the level of drawdown of hydraulic structures;
  • geodetic works in the design of reservoirs, dams, dams.

But the greatest number of procedures is the so-called General geodesy, which applies to all territories and objects. In the framework of the following works are performed by our in Tokmak:

  • the establishment of a geodetic framework;
  • topographic survey in Tokmak
  • the calculation of the volume of the earth;
  • marking works in the territory allotted for the construction
  • the transfer of the construction project in nature in Tokmak;
  • check the verticality of the columns and the horizontal slab full alignment structures;
  • Executive shooting in Tokmak
  • geodetic survey of underground communications;
  • large scale topographic mapping for landscape design, called poderino;
  • geodetic monitoring during the construction process;
  • geodetic control facilities during their operation in Tokmak.

But not only research directly at the place called field are relevant. No less important area of the Desk geodetic works. In their course, all information is processed and  are all sorts of documents. This formal acts, technical report with a full description of the works and their results. But the key laboratory works are cartographic materials. This is a topographic, cadastral plans, as-built documentation, diagrams, maps, drawings, as well as updating them.

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