Surveying Tomakivka

In small communities are the basis of all land holdings. Typically, villages and towns mostly filled with private houses, not apartment buildings. And each territory in addition to the immovable object has as a complement and an allotment. Therefore, in such towns as Tomakivka the question of carrying out of geodetic research is important.

Price surveying 2 900 UAH for the object

Tomakivka is a settlement that consists of several industrial facilities that also require research. Therefore, the range of geodetic works here is very extensive.

Geodetic works Tomakivka, topographic survey of the land, the carrying out of the boundaries of the site

When it comes to the land, sooner or later the question arises about its registration, legalization. And in this case, it is geodetic services play a major role. In the process of land surveyors our company provide such services:

  • cadastral surveying of land in Tomakovka with the definition of its boundaries and coordinates
  • development of the cadastral plan of the plot or map of the area;
  • in determining the exact boundaries of the site, coordination with owners of adjacent lands;
  • the removal of boundaries in nature in Tomakovka with the help of landmarks;
  • making the act of carrying-out of bounds
  • clarify the boundaries of the territory in cases where there are problems between neighbors over border areas.

Industrial orientation of Tomakovka determines the relevance of such a geodesic directions as technical work:

  • surveys for the design of water bodies in Tomakovka, as well as determining their level of drawdown;
  • surveying during the construction of roads, as well as breakdown of the axes for the same purpose;
  • geodetic work performed by railway objects laying paths, or other procedures;
  • geodetic processes carried out during the installation of industrial equipment;
  • crane track leveling in Tomakovka, as well as various surfaces and their individual elements;
  • the determination of residues of raw materials in the warehouses of the company;
  • check the verticality of chimneys, revealing their rolls
  • geodetic identify locations of underground items, structures and communications.

All of these jobs require highly skilled performers, and the availability of high-precision equipment for field work and advanced software for post-processing. In addition to surveying of complex procedures performed in industrial areas, our company in Tomakovka and conducts complex engineering works:

  • engineering and land surveying, including topographic survey, processing of these data, topographical plan as well as the transfer of the finished project in nature;
  • a breakdown of the main and auxiliary axes;
  • transfer marks on the bottom of the pit and the mounting horizons;
  • support earthwork, calculation of volumes;
  • reconciliation of structures in Tomakovka
  • Executive survey in Tomakovka, preparation of Executive materials;
  • development of cartographic documents of any size and volume;
  • underground geodetic survey communications

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