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Guild Engineering provides all kinds of surveying services in Vasilkovka. Our specialists will perform quality and timely engineering and surveying, topographic, Executive and cadastral works, thanks to his extensive experience and use of modern technological equipment.

Geodetic services, the definition of land boundaries, topographic survey, Geology in Vasilkovka

Additional surveying services offered by our company are:

  • topographic survey of the land plot. Topographical mapping is a complex of works aimed at creating a topographic plan or maps. The topographic survey is necessary to survey, updating of topographic maps, preparation of working drawings. Topographic survey is both large and small scales. Most often it occurs in 1/500 scale, which is popularly called the "parisada";
  • land surveying land. This series of activities aimed at the establishment, consolidation and restoration of the borders, as well as to determine the area of land plots and their location. Such work must only be carried out by experienced surveyors who have special knowledge and skills, so turn only to qualified specialists, such as professionals Guild Engineering, which competently carry out the surveying of land in Vasilkovka;
  • removal of land boundaries in nature. Such work is necessary when you begin construction, drilling, and if there was a loss of boundaries, which were established during land management activities. There are cases holding carrying out of the boundaries of the site due to disputes with neighbours;
  • Executive survey. This survey is necessary for quality control of the individual steps of the installation and construction works. Executive survey is performed in order to determine how accurately rendered the project in nature, as well as to identify all defects that were made during construction. Based on the results of this imagery is drawn up the relevant documentation: Executive blueprints;
  • geodetic support of construction, which includes the totality of all calculations and measurements that facilitate accurate placement of buildings and structures on the site according to the project. Depends on the reliability and quality of the built structures.

Price surveying 2 900 UAH for the object

to order geodesy in Vasilkovka you just need to call our Manager by phone 097-57-246-57 or to request a call back. It will give you a full consultation and Orient prices. You can also fill out a form on our site and soon you will be contacted by our specialist. The company Guild Engineering provides a wide range of surveying services in Vasilkovka and will perform any surveying work in minimum time.

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