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No construction is not without surveying. It is a measure necessary for designing, quality control carried out construction works for various operations with land plots such as purchase and sale, transfer by inheritance, donation. Our company is the Engineering Guild for many years conducting survey work in various parts of the country that allowed us to assemble a staff of qualified professionals, who possess special knowledge and have capacity to provide quality surveying services in customer specified period of time.

Services in surveying, determination of land boundaries, Geology of the land in Vasilievka, topographic survey

If you need to spend geodetic works in Vasylivka on the land, we will abide by them, providing accurate data and making relevant the relevant documentation.

Surveying is divided into two phases of work. The first is called a eld. In the time it takes the necessary measurements. The second stage is called the Desk. While it is made certain documentation, which includes various drawings, plans, diagrams, maps. The basis for their preparation are the results obtained during the field phase. As you can see, everything is interconnected.

All measurements are performed with the use of technological equipment. Surveyors should be able to use all the tools that are used in geodesy to get to the millimeter accurate data during the works. From the accuracy of the data depends on the quality of the construction process. If there will be errors, they can lead to unpleasant situations. For example, if mistakes were made during the laying of the Foundation stone, in the near future there will be cracks and other signs of destruction of a building or structure. Our surveyors are fluent in all technological equipment.

Price surveying 2 900 UAH for the object

Geodesy has a number of different directions, one of which is that the topography. The topography includes a topographic survey and preparation of topographic maps and charts. Topographic survey in Vasylivka are made by our experts on different scales. Most commonly used scale 1/500. This scale topographic survey of the most relevant for the design, reconstruction, development master plans. The survey results form the basis for the compilation of topographic maps and plans. Topographic map is a drawing of a large scale using conventional signs and symbols depicted terrain, the real estate objects located on it, underground and surface utilities, and much more. Our company will provide any kind of geodetic services in Vasylivka.

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