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No construction is not without geodesy, which includes work aimed at measuring the earth's surface. But not only the construction process needs geodetic surveying. Such work is relevant and when conducting gas, electrification, landscaping, laying utilities. And it's not the whole list of what can be necessary to carry out geodetic works. Geodesy in verkhivtseve is performed by the specialists of our company "Guild of Engineering" efficiently and quickly with the use of innovative technological equipment to obtain data with millimeter precision.

Services in surveying, determination of land boundaries, Geology, topographic survey for design Verkhovtseva

We offer geodetic services in verkhivtseve:

  • topographic survey in verkhivtseve
  • the land surveying;
  • Executive survey in verkhivtseve
  • geodetic support of construction;
  • the definition of the boundaries of the land;
  • the design of the land;
  • leveling work in verkhivtseve
  • developing and maintaining geodetic documentation.

And it's not the whole list of geodetic works that we perform in verkhivtseve. One of the most popular surveying services is a topographic survey. It is a geodetic surveying, the results of which are compiled topographic maps and site plans. During the topographic survey by a surveyor measured the height, distance, turns corners. Such imagery may be of different sizes, but the most popular is "'ll think" - 1/500. It is used for design, master planning, renovation, construction, and also for registration of the legal status of the land. Topographic survey of 1/500 is a detailed survey, in which is shown topography, surface and underground utilities, existing land.

Price surveying 2 900 UAH for the object

the Executive, and need to control the quality of installation and construction works, as well as to identify all deviations made during removal project in nature. Executive survey be conducted upon completion of each stage of the construction process. Data obtained as a result of the implementation of Executive surveys appear in as-built documentation.

Our experts will conduct any geodetic works in verkhivtseve and efficiently. To order topographical survey in verkhivtseve, topographical survey or any other order geodetic service in verkhivtseve contact our specialist at the telephone number listed on the website.

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