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On the market of geodetic services there are many different companies that offer their services. But not all companies have good specialists who will be able to do its job. Our company Guild Engineering has many years experience in geodesy, so he gathered all the very best specialists in this field. The professionals of our company will quickly and efficiently all kinds of geodetic service representative and will approach every task competently and with great responsibility. Because surveying is an integral part of the construction work, which depends on the reliability of buildings and structures.

Geodesy, to make the boundaries of the area in verhnedneprovsk, geological samples of soil, topographic survey M500

Briefly about geodetic works in verhnedneprovsk. Engineering geodesy is the main activity of the company the Engineering Guild. It includes marking works, engineering, topographic surveying, alignment structures, monitoring of structural deformations. Engineering geodesy involves the management of construction projects from beginning to end. It faces the following tasks:

  • preparation of documents and materials that are necessary for the design; - definition of boundaries and axes;
  • monitoring and recording of possible deviations of the design data from existing;
  • determination of the deformations of the object.

Topographic and as-built surveying played a major role in geodesy. Topographic survey includes the whole complex of works, which are necessary for the compilation of topographic maps and plans. Use topographic surveyors receive accurate information about distances, elevations, angles. Its implementation is necessary for the development of the land cadastre, as well as during the collection of documentation for construction. Our company will perform topographical survey in verhnedneprovsk any scale for the shortest period of time.

Executive survey necessary to maintain control over the execution of construction works, as well as to identify defects that have occurred during construction. According to the results of Executive surveys conducted by the Executive documentation, which records all the results.

Price surveying 2 900 UAH for the object

Geodetic support of construction is a combination of various measurements and being computed, and building as shown on the drawings and in kind. Geodetic support ensures correct placement of buildings and structures in accordance with the requirements of normative documents and geometrical parameters, which are specified in the project. Our specialists will fit correctly and responsibly to buildings of any complexity and provide only high quality geodetic service representative.

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