Surveying Vinnitsa

Guild Engineering for many years, provides a wide range of surveying services throughout Ukraine. Geodetic work in the winery the specialists of our company will perform efficiently and on time, regardless of the degree of complexity of the task.

Contacts in the winery:

office of the company "Guild Engineering" in Vinnitsa is located at Teatralnaya street, 14 of.321. Also, the office is the most convenient Parking. The office hours: Mon-Sat 8.00-19.00


Geodetic services, to make the boundaries of the area in Vinnitsa, Geology, topographic surveys for design

Long experience of our company helped to collect only the very best certified experts, who will perform in the winery as field and cameral surveying. Field surveying involves measuring objects on the terrain, and off-site - recordkeeping, reporting, and creating drawings based on the results obtained from geodetic measurements. Geodesy itself is an industry which is directly connected with the construction of various buildings and structures. Topographic and geodetic works in the complex are engineering-geodesic surveys. Thanks to these works there is an opportunity to get maximum information about the terrain, structures, there are utilities on the ground. This will help to predict possible changes in topography and to make recommendations for the organization of construction works.

Price surveying 2 900 UAH for the object

Among geodetic works in the winery, which carries our company Guild Engineering: calculation of the amount of excavation work, center work, surveying, Executive survey, geodetic alignment of structures. And it's not the whole list. Calculation of the amount of excavation work is carried out in order to choose the methods and tools for their implementation. The kind of work carried out during the design and production process. The center works include a breakdown of the axes when making project area. The complexity of these works consists in fixing the axis of the building without additional expenditure of time and to use it as convenient as possible. Topographic survey is performed for the subsequent compilation of topographic maps and topoplan. Topographic surveys are large and small scales. Often for surveying uses a scale of 1/500. Our company is in the winery will conduct a topographical survey of any size quickly and efficiently, providing topoplan to the customer in electronic form or on paper. Executive survey helps to control the quality of the installation, construction, and identify deviations from the project that were made during construction. The results of this shooting are displayed as diagrams as-built documentation. Such geodetic documentation can also be submitted both on paper and in electronic form. Geodetic alignment of structures aimed at compliance with the actual situation of the designs according to the design decision. When surveying the alignment structures surveyors our company use modern surveying instruments.

the Specialists Guild Engineering will perform competently geodetic work in the winery, will provide accurate data.

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