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Geodesy is the science about the earth, which includes the whole complex of works on measurements of the land surface, and also examines the location of objects on it. The misconception that the need for surveying only occurs when there is construction. Geodesy is also relevant when you want to conduct various operations with land plots. For example, the establishment of land boundaries, transfer of land by inheritance, purchase and sale, etc. Geodetic works are divided into several stages, one of which is called the field, and the second of the Desk. During the field phase are different measurement areas. The Desk includes the preparation of survey documents based on the data obtained as a result of the field phase. Geodesy includes works by measuring, computing and design.

Geodesy, removal of boundaries in Volnyansk city survey M500, geological samples of soil

One of the main of such works is the implementation of topographic survey, during which the measurement of angles, distances and heights. According to the results of the topographic survey shall be prepared topographic maps and charts that display the terrain, structures located in the survey area, underground and surface communications. The accuracy of conducting topographic survey depends on reliable and high-quality topographical documentation. Topographical survey is required for solutions to the questions on the registration of land, the preparation and updating of topographic maps. The scale topographic survey depends on why you need it. Our company "Guild of Engineering" ready to spend topographical survey in vilniansk of any size.

Price surveying 2 900 UAH for the object

equally important in geodesy has control Executive survey. It provides for monitoring the quality of the sentencing project in nature and in compliance with all requirements and standards during construction works. She performed several times at each stage of installation and construction works. The results of the works is issued Executive documentation that may be submitted on electronic media and on paper. Working with our company you will get quality and operational performance of control-built survey in vilniansk, and well-composed as-built documentation in accordance with all standards and requirements.

the Company "Guild of Engineering" due to its extensive experience, gathered a staff of qualified professionals who are competent and responsible approach to each geodesic task. Our surveyors carry out geodetic measurements only with the help of innovative technical equipment, which allows to obtain data with millimeter precision. Order geodesy in vilniansk you can very easily. Contact our specialist at the telephone number listed on the website, and in the near future we will provide the necessary geodetic services, when. work efficiently and on time.

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