Surveying Kharkov

the Company "Guild Engineering" conducts geodetic works in Kharkiv region in 2006. Here is the many large and interesting objects, where our employees have carried out measurements. Surveyors in Kharkiv - some of the most experienced employees of the company. Geodetic services, which offers our office in Kharkiv, cover all types of works that use geodesy.

Contacts in Kharkov:

Office of the company "Guild Engineering" in Kharkov is located at the address 4 Universitetskaya str., floor 3. near the metro station "Soviet". Also, the office is the most convenient Parking. The office hours: Mon-Sat 8.00-19.00


Surveying Kharkov

It can be building, processing or production work, as well as real estate transactions, require the execution of topographic maps. Documentation made our geodetic service in Kharkiv high accuracy, at the same time the terms of its drawing up is minimal. If You have already appealed to other organizations and You already said prices for the required work, the cost of geodesy in Kharkiv from company "Guild Engineering", taking into account the vast experience and high quality, will be favourable to differ:

please Contact the office of "Guild of Engineering in Kharkov at any time convenient for You. Price of geodesy depends on many factors (volume of work, the location of the object, and others), so find out the exact cost You to help our consultants, you can contact them at toll-free line 0 800 50 30 57, city phone +38 (057) 781 75 01 or directly with the Manager of the Kharkiv region on mobile 050-932-73-39. Also you can ask questions operator online chat or enjoy a calculation of the cost of services by filling in a form on the site.

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Geodetic works Kharkov, topographic survey of the land, the carrying out of the boundaries of the site

the Representation of the company "Guild of Engineering in Kharkov can help You even before construction began, after completing work with removal of demarcationallows to determine the position of land, to determine its precise boundaries. Turning points are denoted by land-marks. The borders recommended also by purchasing land checking its location, you can avoid potential problems with marginal landholdings. Also before the start of construction specialists can spend a breakdown of axes of the building under construction, to determine the characteristic points of the construction. Organization and technology of carrying out of center works can be chosen by the customer.

Geodetic works Kharkov

One of the most popular geodetic services Executive survey. By its results assesses the quality of the construction works. In the course of implementation of Executive shooting is Executive plan, which contains all the differences between planned and actual execution. On the basis of data Executive plan you can assess the quality of work of the builders. Executive survey is made both during construction and after its completion. In Kharkiv, according to Executive plan the company "Guild Engineering" held control of the foundations LCD Park. One of the most interesting objects, where the representative office of "Guild Engineering" held in Kharkiv geodesic surveys was a place of Scythian burial mounds excavations in Lyubotin.

Topographic survey of the land plot in Kharkiv

the Company "Guild Engineering often is topographical survey in Kharkiv. Its information is used to create and update of the plans (including scale of 1:500), maps, drawings, projects of landscape design and much more. In the Kharkiv region topographic and geodetic shooting were held to a camp site in C. Old Saltov, for irrigation plots in C. Cherkasy Tees, S. Bugaevka. In C. Velikiy Burluk survey data were used for geodesic laying the basis for the construction of an Elevator for 60 thousand tons. topographical map important when designing the arrangement of the site, or any form of land use in operations with real estate. Plans developed during the filming our surveyors in Kharkivhigh precision and efficiency of the Assembly. topographic plans can be written in the scale 1:500, 1:1000, 1:2000, 1:5000 and other that are convenient for customers.

Geodetic works Kharkov, topographic survey of the land, the carrying out of the boundaries of the site

currently very popular in the choice of location for the construction of country cottages are coastal areas. Very often the shore or even the reservoir are not favorable for rest because of the overgrowth of aquatic plants or contaminated bottom. Representation of the company "Guild of Engineering in Kharkov has at its disposal equipment that allows fast and quality to cleaning the bottom of the reservoir or landscaping beach with minimal impact on the coastal ecosystem. During works on deepening ponds can be used or grab dredger. For preliminary estimation of amount of works and their cost using sonar is compiled detailed geodetic measurements of depths with making maps. In the Kharkiv region works were carried out on shooting lake with a measurement of the depth and calculation of volumes of works on his cleansing in Pechenigy district. Was also conducted measurements of depths for cleaning the river Seversky Donets in Chuguev.

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