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Geodesy - the science is multifaceted, diverse and very complex. It has many lines and branches that are engaged in the study of certain processes and objects of study. One of relevant, challenging and practical areas of surveying engineering. Engineering geodesy deals with any matters related to the organization of construction and other similar work on the land.

Contacts in Khmelnitsky:

Office of the company "Guild Engineering" in Khmelnytsky is located at Teatralnaya street,2 floor 10.. Also in front of the office is the most convenient Parking. The office hours: Mon-Sat 8.00-19.00


the Responsibility of this segment of the activity, its relevance requires the customer to attract exceptionally qualified professionals who will be able to take on the complexity of any object. These are our employees, who are guided by the principles of completeness, accuracy and validity. That is why surveying work in Khmelnytskyi from our company are in high demand. This contributes to a responsible approach to work, which involves the use of only high-precision equipment at all stages of works. Electronic total stations, laser rangefinders, levels, satellite navigation systems and other specific devices, as well as modern software significantly speed up your work and make it more productive and accurate.

Price surveying 2 900 UAH for the object

engineering and geodesy includes such courses as engineering and land surveying. They can be called a key at all stages of construction or reconstruction. Because the correctness of carrying out exploratory activities depends on the quality of further work and the longevity of the result. Engineering and geodetic surveys include topographic surveying, topographical plan. This document is the principal at the design stage. It is topoplan is taken as a basis when making the General project design. When design documents are ready, we can proceed to the final component of the survey phase is to migrate the project to construction site.

Other procedures that are carried out “the Guild of Engineering” and which belong to engineering geodesy in Khmelnytskyi are:

  • the calculation of the volume of the earth in Khmelnytskyi, the control of the excavation;
  • a breakdown of the main and auxiliary axes of the future building;
  • transfer marks on the mounting horizons and the bottom of the trench;
  • as-built survey during construction and its completion;
  • the collection of materials and the development of Executive documentation;
  • reconciliation facilities in Khmelnytskyi, check the vertical and horizontal components, as well as the alignment of the structure and its major elements.

In the framework of the geodetic work has been underway for a number of processes depending on your needs:

  • land survey work in Khmelnytskyi
  • poderina shooting for landscape design;
  • surveying underground utilities in Khmelnytskyi
  • geodetic monitoring of the condition of hydraulic structures;
  • leveling work in Khmelnytskyi
  • definition of heel tall structures;
  • geodetic survey and the breakdown in road construction;
  • works on the railway;
  • procedure cameral nature associated with the development or updating of cartographic materials.

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