Surveying zachepylivka

Often we are driven by the desire to save in financial terms. In this case, we can forget about other important factors. It is primarily concerned with land owners who want to build or remodel. Expensive construction process and the same expensive stage of paperwork leads many to abandon one or the other services, the neglect of which leads to negative consequences. Sometimes it goes for geodetic works.

Price surveying 2 900 UAH for the object

Geodesy in zacepilovka involves carrying out various works in the area with the purpose of the measurement site. A large portion of geodetic processes are required. Without them it is impossible to move forward in the construction plan. Without them it is impossible to issue land use documentation, prepare and approve the development project and to start the construction of the structure. These are:

  • cadastral surveying and the cadastral plan in zacepilovka, which is the basis of the technical part of land management;
  • the establishment of boundaries in zacepilovka and their Stakeout by fixing boundary markers
  • topographic survey in zacepilovka and development of a topographic plan, which becomes the basis of the construction project;
  • Executive survey of underground utilities in zacepilovka after the installation
  • the calculation of the amount of excavation work performed before these earthworks, in particular, before the digging of the trench;
  • breakdown of the axes future construction and transfer of the project from paper to  the site;
  • final Executive survey in zacepilovka finished structure before putting it in operation.

All of these procedures must accompany the construction process. Some of them involves the preparation of various documents, without which to obtain permits is simply impossible. For example, the results of the removal of boundaries the relevant act, which is the official document. And without surveying it is impossible to proceed with the development of project documentation.

But in geodesy there are a number of works that are not mandatory, but worth carrying out. With them the building process will go better, and the operation of plant and equipment is more reliable. Such works are:

  • control over the construction process in zacepilovka - an interim Executive surveys of key structural elements - columns, floor slabs, roofs, facades, and others;
  • monitoring the operation of the facilities during their operation. In particular, this applies to industrial designs, variations in which can become a dangerous factor. Monitoring can be done through leveling objects, check their verticality;
  • control of the correct installation of industrial equipment.

in Addition to these surveying our company in zacepilovka and performs other procedures on any objects of civil, industrial, hydrological and hydraulic engineering, agricultural and other.

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