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Geodesy in Zaporozhye from company "Guild Engineering" includes surveying the whole range of services: from organization of geodetic measurements to registration documents, as well as geodetic works in industrial production. The company provides geodetic works for government institutions, legal entities and natural persons At the disposal of the Zaporozhye representation of the company is modern geodetic equipment, which are regularly tested and meets all requirements. "Guild Engineering offers for everyone in need of geodetic services in Zaporozhye online order fulfillment, affordable rates and convenient terms of cooperation.

Contacts in Zaporozhye:

Office of the company "Guild Engineering" in Zaporozhye is located at Lenina (Sobornaya). d. 156, kV. 103 (notary office). Also, the office is the most convenient Parking. The office hours: Mon-Sat 8.00-19.00


If You are interested in our services and You want order work on surveying in Zaporozhye and area - contact representation of the company "Guild Engineering. can call at 097-57-246-57. You can also fill in and submit the form calculation geodetic services pages of the site.

Price surveying 2 900 UAH for the object

the borders of the plot in Zaporozhye is carried out with the help of modern equipment. Installed surveyors "Guild Engineering" boundary markings accurately comply with the limits when conducting cadastral works. to Make the boundaries of the land plot the nature may be required and if the owner wants to know, where are the boundaries of the ego of the site from the legislative point of view. delimitation of land ownership can be necessary and in legal proceedings.

One of the most important stages in building is geodetic breakdown of axes of buildings and structures. In Zaporozhye and region the company "Guild Engineering" such work is carried out when building new polyclinic in the village. Kushugum. Breakdown of axes is not only in the construction of major facilities, but also on construction of private houses. The objects for which it was performed geodetic work our surveyors, are accurate angles that provides resistance to deformation and durability in operation.

often when geodetic surveys, preparation of working drawings, General plans, as well as landscaping, arises the need for topographic. Specialists of the "Guild Engineering conduct services on conducting surveying territories, linear objects and structures throughout the Zaporozhye region with plans designer scale, including M1:500 ("palisada"). After the execution of works the customer receives a plan on paper and its electronic version. Topographical survey in the Zaporozhye region was held to Kuibyshev feed mill in the village. Kamysh-Zarya, Agrofirma "Rodina" in S. Horse Strife and a large number of private plots.

During construction, and after completion, surveyors Guild Engineering can help to determine the quality of the construction works. For these purposes are Executive shooting. The data obtained through surveys are used for the compilation of Executive plan, which is celebrated all deviations from the original project. Control over construction of the representative office of the company "Guild Engineering" in Kiev is held on the exact hardware that provides the most qualitative assessment conducted construction works.

At large industrial facilities that use lifting mechanisms, is a popular mandatory annual leveling crane or monorail crane ways. In Zaporozhye leveling was carried out for the production enterprise "Electrical engineering" and Zaporozhye iron-ore plant, providing factories safe operation of cranes. With the help of special equipment were some deviations ways here norms and create a report of necessary repair work.

Calculation of the amount of excavation works necessary for carrying out design and construction works. earthwork, you need to know to determine the cost digging for the Foundation, swimming pools, trenches for laying communications and embankments, dredging and dumping activities. The calculation includes not only the cost of digging, but the cost of removal of soil. For counting the amount of excavation works in Zaporizhzhya uses modern Electromechanical equipment and software.

For industrial enterprises Zaporizhia region definition of stocks of raw can be done faster and more accurately, in cooperation with the company "Guild of Engineering. Determination of volumes of bauxite residue was conducted in open and closed warehouses of the Zaporozhye aluminium combine. Verification of stocks of raw can occur with any convenient for the customer frequency, which depends on the volume of the flow of raw materials consultation.

In case you want to determine through the territory of the plot of underground communications (power cables, pipes) representation of the company "Guild Engineering" in Zaporizhzhya region offers holding prospecting works. Application of a network of underground communications on the topographic plan will help prevent damage to cables or pipes during excavation works. Accurate and modern equipment can detect any kind of underground communications with high precision including intersect in several planes.

in Order to evaluate the cleaning of the water body or to control made used for Yamka bottom. For measurements of bottom is used precision-sounder with a GPS receiver. After carrying out of works, the customer receives topoplan in Lubanga scale, as well as a copy of the plan in electronic form. In the Zaporozhye region was carried out sounding when clearing clarifiers of water to cool the reactor of the Zaporizhzhya TPP in Energodar.

the resulting shooting bottom of measurement used for cleaning the bottom of the reservoir. Cleaning needed to eliminate silting and overgrowth of vegetation reservoirs. Representation of the company "Guild Engineering Zaporozhye has the unique equipment, which allows deepen the pond up to 40 meters, transport silt, mud or sand at a distance of 1 kilometer and can also work in difficult conditions. The work of our equipment has a minimal impact on the environment and ecological balance is restored in the shortest possible time.

One of the specialties of "the Guild Engineering is landscaping beaches. For the improvement of beaches used clearing of debris and plants, the use of geotextile to prevent the growth of new thickets and the delivery of clean pit sand. After installation, textiles beach is protected from overgrown with reeds at least 10 years.

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To visit a representative office of geodetic company "Guild Engineering" in Zaporozhye You can at any time, upon notice about your visit by phone:
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We will wait for You at the following address: Ukraine Zaporozhye, Lenin Ave, 152.

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