Engineering topographic survey

During the construction of construction of any real property, or reconstruction of particular importance is the engineering-geodetic surveys since the maximum precision of the project is transferred in nature with the project documentation, the control of it is issued, identify the deviations that occurred during the erection and construction works, as well as forecasts of their development.

Engineering topographic survey

topographical Engineering surveys represent a complex of works aimed at measuring angles, heights, and much more that are necessary during the design, construction and landscape design solutions. Also a topographic survey is necessary to obtain such permits, as allowing for the design and construction, preparation of area master plans, grigoriadi.

Engineering and topographical surveys for construction includes a number of geodetic works performed in stages. The first stage is called preparation. He includes in work aimed at collecting and analyzing all required documentation. These materials include: cadastral plan, the plan, if required, provided with the documents confirming the right of possession of the land.

the Next stage is called the field. During this phase, measurements are made on the ground. Topographic survey is conducted at different scales. The scale is determined depending on purpose of survey. After the field phase comes the turn of the Desk. It includes work aimed at processing the data received during the previous works. Compiled topographical plans, maps, diagrams with lines, conventional symbols are reflected surface and underground utilities, topography and other elements that are found in the study area.

After all the above work, we prepare a technical report, which is transmitted to the bodies of architecture and urban development.

To this type of research applies topographic mapping 1:500, made from scratch and updating existing plans. Our specialists go to the site to update materials for designers.  On the basis of our print protectanti begin complex surveys, such as sketches, rendering, layout, design of the site master plan, construction drawings, master plan networks and communications, and it is only the beginning of the list. Thus we see in what follows, the error in the first stage, such as design for unreliable old topographic maps or materials that do not meet the parameters of accuracy and reliability. So you need to pay special attention to the selection of geodetic organization for such surveys, you need to request a minimum of their certificate and check it in the electronic database of certified professionals with the minutes of the annual calibration of survey equipment in the metrological services.

So as not to make mistakes when designing, you need to avoid them at the stage of engineering and topographic surveys. It is possible, if the case will be taken by our experts to conduct these surveys from the beginning to the end. The process of topographical work takes too much time, if correct accents and come with knowledge of the matter in all stages. And these several stages.

First is the organizational phase, when we receive the technical specification and various permissions.
Next, we go directly to the object, so that, having become acquainted with him, to outline a plan of action. Also in this step, you create a geodetic survey network. She will serve as assistant guide during the shooting.

After creating the network can move to surveying. We do it with professional equipment. In case of need is carried out and the shooting of underground utilities.

the Next stage of data processing and preparation of graphic documentation and writing technical reports.

All the materials are prepared by our specialists, successfully pass the approval process in public bodies and is a perfect base for the project.

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