Engineering Geology and surveying the site, the price including VAT

Engineering Geology and surveying the site, the price from the VAT: the increase in cost of services in connection with the payment of VAT

Form of withholding part of the cost of surveying and geological services firms in the state is called a value added tax, abbreviated as VAT. The seller adds VAT to the cost of services, thereby increasing their total value. In Ukraine the rate of value added tax is 20%.

Engineering Geology and surveying the site, the price including VAT

For a person who provides services on engineering Geology and geodesy of the site, it is not necessary to know what amount is in this case, the VAT, and which the rest of the costs, as he will have to pay the full cost of services. The service provider can not charge the consumer full amount of VAT, after the end of the quarter VAT should be listed in the budget. The price of services provided (including VAT) to the consumer is known in advance, and only him to decide to use this service, fully paying it or not.

Engineering Geology of the area price with VAT: reduction or increase of the VAT depends on the decrease or increase of the value of Geology

Services for the study of engineering Geology of the site has its own value. Components of the cost of studying Geology in the simplest case, the cost of drilling, sampling, testing of the samples in the laboratory, the salary of a geologist to study archival material and to prepare a report. The more meters drilled, the higher the cost of the field work. The complexity of the soils on the excavation also affects the cost of drilling. The higher category of the soil on the development challenges, the higher the price per meter of drilling. The number of monoliths that must be taken for laboratory tests depends on the intended incision. Each layer must be tested in the report allow the characteristics needed for design. Thus, the price of services for the study of engineering Geology of the site can be calculated by well defined indicators. The calculated amount should be increased by the amount of VAT. This will be the price including VAT.

The surveying of land price with VAT: is VAT included in the price special offers

The surveying of land may consist in performing various surveying procedures - removal of boundaries in nature, the production of the topographic survey, the preparation topoplan different scale and so on. The cost of surveying of the area depends on the size of territory, number of submitted points, the complexity of the terrain. It can be calculated according to these indicators, it will be added to the amount of VAT and this will be the price of the geodesy section for user services.

Firms often offer a comprehensive price for a certain range of services, for example, the complex of geodetic surveys for the project at a certain price that is attractive to the customer. Firm providing surveying services, be obliged to pay value added tax at the rate of 20%. Therefore, in the integrated price the amount of VAT will necessarily be laid.

Engineering Geology cost including VAT: does VAT on the profit

In order to be profitable, it must operate at a profit. But VAT has no effect on profits. Profits are determined by costs of services and costs without VAT.

VAT is an indirect tax. Firm, providing services, buying supplies, paying the cost of the goods including VAT. But the magnitude of this VAT pays providers, so after the end of the quarter, this value is deducted from the accrued VAT.

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