Engineering surveys for construction

Engineering surveys is a complex research of the land before construction before design, in the process of reconstruction of the object. geodetic Surveys aimed at the economic justification of the costs associated with the construction of the future object. Engineering and construction surveys is one of the most important types of construction activity.

Engineering surveys for construction


By far the most popular activities in geodesy are geological engineering-geodesic surveys for the construction.

Engineering geological survey is an engineering and geological studies conducted to establish and display the changes of the geological factors of the environment on maps and reporting documentation. Engineering geological survey aims to study the construction and geotechnical requirements for the construction of various buildings. Engineering geological survey allows you to make engineering geological maps, specifications, estimates and descriptions of engineering-geological conditions on the site. Depending on the scale engineering geological survey can be of four types: large, medium, small-scale and detailed. On what scale to carry out engineering-geological survey, influenced by such factors as:

is the size of the territory;

the degree of engineering-geological issledovatelsky area;

phase engineering surveys;

the type of the designed structures.

market Leaders strengthened companies that provide a full range of these services and some other popular engineering surveying work. Often referring to the surveyors they have an interesting price and conditions for surveys, but high price for Geology. Or did not perform engineering and geodetic survey at all. Or can advise geologists, but for their quality and speed is not the answer. The approximate scattering price 1500 USD. worth topographical mapping and  8000 UAH.  the Geology of the site. So geologists put the interest of surveyors, who recommended them. In our country, carrying out surveys for construction, it will not escape. The situation is the same with geologists if they charge for their services 7000 USD, topographic survey  go up to 2500 UAH., and if you need approval shooting with a stamp SUITABLE, tracing paper, vectors and in electronic form, topographic and geodetic surveys will cost you 3000 UAH. Surveyors so thank geologists. The solution to this situation is to contact a larger company engaged in geological researches under construction, including surveying, and geological surveys. Using a comprehensive approach, you get a discount of about 3000 UAH. The terms will be reduced to 1 week at least through close communication specialists, who together hold surveying.

as one of the advantages of the Guild of Engineering is a large flow of orders to conduct engineering surveys for construction that gives professionals to learn a great experience and has a positive effect on engineering geological work. We hone our skills in the drilling of each well, the selection of each sample, in the preparation of each report, when measuring each picket, when drawing each conventional sign. Based on this organization engineering research always on top.

as a result of pre-design and engineering surveys you will receive the following information:

  • composition and physico-mechanical properties of soils;
  • conclusions and recommendations;
  • Bulletin of engineering Geology workings - wells
  • the types, volumes and methods of work performed, conducted within the framework of your project;
  • laboratory findings physico-mechanical properties of soils;
  • copy from topoplan, 1:500 scale or any other scale;
  • topographic survey of the site with all utilities and marks;
  • engineering-geological sections;
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Withdrawal of groundwater

In the explanatory note to engineering surveys for construction will be the address of the site that is the purpose of geodetic survey. Based on the objectives and conditions of entrance advanced close to the Ostia of the wells selected equipment for drilling defined the required depth. Reconnaissance survey of the area includes the site survey plan building and the adjacent territory.  Particular attention when carrying out engineering and geodetic surveys are subject outcrops, watercourses, outlets groundwater obvious signs of engineering-geological processes (karst, erosion, suppose).  Investigate the area in geomorphological terms. A major role is played by the presence of herbaceous and woody vegetation. For example, conducting surveys for construction in a pine forest, before drilling it is clear that we need to take a drill bit for sand. Absolute levels of land surface change usteam wells in the Baltic system of heights (it will need for engineering geological  cuts). Describe the architectural climate of the area. Climate almost everywhere we moderately continental. The average rainfall per year (the nearest observation  item - usually regional center)  millimeters ( and when they fall mainly in what period). The average annual air temperature. The warmest month is July with average temperature and the coldest is January with average temperature. Snow cover lasts from November to March. In November is the formation of temporary snow cover, and the constant is usually in early December.

How we work

Accept orders

  • Accept Your challenge.
  • following up.
  • Definition to give.
  • Pre-determined price.

the Preparatory phase

  • Choice of drilling equipment.
  • Definition of terms.
  • Accurate calculation of the cost.

Field studies

  • check Out the drilling crew.
  • Drilling.
  • samples of soil structure.

Laboratory tests

  • Investigate in the laboratory the samples obtained.

Laboratory investigation

  • Develop a technical report on geological researches.

Getting results

  • Transfer documents.
  • Get the rest of the salary.

Normative depth of seasonal frost penetration is calculated by using the formula for our specific area based on the soil structure. Describe the area in terms of Geology. Then describe all soils, uncovered wells and their numbers in DBC.

Special attention shall be tested for water filtration. Reconnaissance method describes the geological processes that negatively affect the conditions of construction and operation of buildings and structures.  is Determined by the complexity of geological conditions according to the "Application W" DBN A. 2.1-1-2008.

Recommendations for survey and design: it is necessary to provide water resistance activities, which includes the device around the building blind areas with a minimum width of 2.0 m and a high-quality filling sinuses pits.  Also by results of the survey is assigned to the necessity of calculation of slope stability and, if necessary, to provide for landslide events.

Location of wells shown in the schematic layout of mine.  

Drilling required for engineering surveys for construction, is a semi-manual shock-rope core by way of the initial diameter 125 mm In the process of drilling was carried out sampling of disturbed soil ( about 20 samples) and undisturbed (10 samples) patterns for laboratory testing of physical properties of soils. Laboratory investigations of soils are in a stationary laboratory.  In report engineering and geodetic surveys are attached passport soil at each well, and tables of soil tests. All this information is graphically plotted on engineering-geological sections and topographic plan of scale 1:500.

these surveying and their results fit 30 sheets of A4 paper

An example of the engineering-geological section

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