Geological engineering price

geological Engineering and cost they are defined at the preliminary stage of the work. These surveys are required for areas intended for the construction of the building. The employees of LLC "Guild Engineering" carried out offsite surveillance, and, of course, research in the area. In parallel, the desired topographical surveys. They are required to compile topoplan. On it show the location of all objects on the plot. Also note the location of the wells.

Geological engineering price

If the site built up – then it is still data on engineering-geological surveys. So it is possible to make the research – geologists already know what rocks to face. But rely on this information should not. Under the influence of built structures soils change their properties. Therefore it is necessary to re-sample to really assess the situation. If the area is not built up – it somewhat complicates the task. Thus engineering-geological surveys and the price for them can be more significant.

On site performing reconnaissance. Thoroughly determined whether there are any processes within the area and nearby. All this information carefully documented. the Engineering-geological surveys, the cost surveys themselves significantly depend on the size of the site. Also taken into account the data on the reconnaissance. Planned and calculated the volumes needed for drilling operations. At this stage of the wizard company LLC "Guild Engineering" can articulate what it will require engineering and geological surveys and the price of these services.

Drilling done by professionals, equipped with necessary appliances. Well at this stage, drill for samples of rocks. The depth and diameter is considered with regard to the task. Well create to obtain samples of all necessary species. The depth can vary – it depends on the types and dimensions of the structure. These parameters have quite a strong influence on engineering-geological surveys and the cost to them. For a large object requires many more wells than, for example, to objects of private use. Their depth will also be larger as the area of influence for soils from this building much more. To calculate this area based on the known parameters of the structure, and information about soils. All wells should be numbered and marked on a topographic map of the site. Also fixed their depth.

geological Engineering – price depending on the number of samples. Each soil layer should be carefully investigated. Also samples are required to determine the boundaries between the layers and depths of their location. From these data we can calculate the power of each layer. Each soil has its own specific properties. Quite often before construction is necessary to carry out additional research on changing soil properties. So gives them greater resistance to a variety of loads from structures. Many soils negatively react on exposure to water. Engineering-geological surveys and the cost to them may increase due to the hydrogeological observations. Right then, if the site includes water-bearing horizons. Here it is pertinent chemical analysis of water. At the end of the research our staff are doing a report. Accompanied by a variety of graphic materials.

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