Engineering-geological surveys for estimation of reserves

Results of engineering-geological studies are part of the materials submitted for examination by experts

Issuance of permits for use of mineral resources and the granting of the mining lease occurs after passing the state examination and evaluation of reserves. The positive conclusion of examination is possible only in the case that the case materials contain a sufficient amount of information. Engineering-geological surveys for estimation of reserves is an integral part of prospecting activities, and be conducted simultaneously with them. The results of these studies, along with geological and hydrogeological studies, form the basis for the decision about the method of mining.

Engineering-geological surveys for estimation of reserves

Engineering-geological surveys for estimation of reserves give an idea of the engineering-geological structure of the territory, the composition and properties of minerals. The geological study of minerals includes the study of geological conditions.

during the geological engineering survey examined features of the Geology and hydrogeology of the study area. Conducted a radiation survey of the soil. Research data needed for conclusions about the environmental impacts of field development.

Tasks of engineering-geological works - to give a forecast for the development of adverse processes

In the Deposit and adjacent areas may occur adverse engineering-geological processes. Development of the field can lead to an increase in the intensity of manifestations of these processes. Engineering-geological surveys for estimation of reserves are in amounts sufficient to give the forecast of occurrence of adverse processes in the development of mineral resources.

Objective engineering Geology is the study of not only trials, but also identifying factors that can lead to such processes.

Engineers-geologists from the company "Guild Engineering" are studied properties of soils under conditions of natural occurrence, and this their characteristics are subject to possible changes of engineering-geological conditions.

Sources of information for engineering-geological investigations

Engineering-geological surveys for estimation of reserves often cover a considerable area space and require a variety of information geological character. After all, it is necessary to characterize the climate, Geology, tectonics, hydrogeology.

data Sources for engineering geologic studies are:

  • and archival materials;
  • literature of geological subjects;
  • the results of prospecting activities;

  • testing and documentation of geological excavations;
  • the log data;
  • engineering-geological wells;
  • the study of fields-analogues.

Engineering-geological surveys for the evaluation of reserves include the study of the field area and the surrounding area. To determine the engineering-geological structure on the unlit areas of wells drilled. The preliminary allocation of the engineering-geological elements are performed according sagaminopteron and prospecting-evaluation works. Of technical wells selected soil samples for laboratory analysis. Depending on the class of soil assigned to the types of laboratory tests.

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