Geological engineering, with a report

Engineering-geological surveys is a complex of measures aimed at studying geological conditions before project research and the study of geological processes in soils up to technogenic intrusion, forecast and their changes as a result of construction and after its completion, as well as in the process of operation of buildings and structures. On their basis are decisions made about the expediency of different designs and types of foundations, walls and ceilings. Based on geological surveys calculation of the Foundation. Calculates its basic parameters (type, depth, shape, thickness, material, complex of measures on waterproofing). The project, designed as a typical, without actual engineering and geological surveys often has a huge margin of safety, and carries a large cost overruns as on materials and Finance. Even if You intend to apply the model project on Your site, the materials of engineering-geological surveys need to apply one of the list of typical projects that are most suitable to your requirements on the composition of the t-quality soils, as well as interaction of the chemical composition of soils with future construction materials.

Geological engineering, with a report

Studies on objects of reconstruction are conducted not only in the problem areas, but also places where deformation and displacement at first glance not visible. This is to confirm or reject the primary data on Geology before construction, and studied all of the factors that led to a state of a building or structure.

At the moment on legislation to deal with engineering-geological works can certified engineers majoring in Geology, engineering, civil construction. Do drilling, can the organizations having special permits to hazardous types of work, and having the license for construction works.

For the start of the engineering-geological survey first determined with their venue. Having a point on the map, refer to the archive and find all the geological data of previous years. This information, as geologists understand what drilling equipment must be used when drilling site-specific. According to archival data, we will have an understanding of geological processes and changes in the rocks, and will be able to give a forecast for the following years. Sand rocks take the scroll, the clay will drill metal crown, flooded areas drill through the casing, on rocky breeds need to use diamond drill bits. But whichever way we not drilled, it is always necessary to take with itself on a site drill core sampler for sampling samples undisturbed patterns. Transporting samples in special containers.

According to the preliminary technical the task of the designated volumes of drilling - depth and number of exploration wells.

Drilling by means of rotary sensaburo

Then directly drilling the. Drilling can be on the surface of the drilling machine, the excavation of pits from basements, static field tests sensing, as well as hand-drilling tools (shock cable installation, rotational Bengaluru, hand drills with increasing rods).

In the technical report, performed by qualified engineers, surveyors Your designers will find the full list of data required for calculation of the Foundation, to determine the depth of groundwater, physical and mechanical composition of the soil, chemical analysis of water, soil, and much more.

In the construction of new innovation objects geological surveys not only become their integral part, but also encouraged and actively observed the presence of specialist of the user on the subject of full support of object at all stages of the construction process.

Our clients also often bought so-called preliminary pre-engineering-geological surveys. They consist of one well is 10 meters, with minimal laboratory costs, preparation of single-page report usually at the stage before the purchase of the land, to make sure about the possibility of buildings in the new area. So not always next to the plot there are the buildings of similar size and construction. Also, our specialists provide a full opinion on soil structure, ground waters of expediency of use of this land for individual construction.

On the basis of complex research are built engineering geological cuts for visual presentation of information in conventional signs and scale. Widely used methods of interpolation and extrapolation of the obtained data.

a Very important point in the report and registration of materials is the presence of a topographic survey. In this survey we do well, specified elevations their mouth, aware of the distance between the wells. Having actual elevations can build the right sections. Will also understand picture of engineering networks.

topographic surveying the designated spot future building, to hit the spot of the building of the maximum number of wells, preferably less than two.

as a result of carrying out of engineering-geological works, you will get the full picture about:

  • physical-mechanical properties of soils (the ability of the soil to withstand external load test modules deformation, strength, plasticity, elasticity, thresholds destruction);
  • physical properties of soils (its volumetric weight, humidity, composition, the specific weight);
  • the chemical composition of soils (the full list of chemical elements encountered during the survey);
  • hydrogeological conditions (level of ground water quality).

On the basis of these parameters is performed classification of rocks by geological standards.

For a modest fee, you get full complex research, and additional services such as removal of the boundaries of vnature, surveying, the breakdown of the construction area of the building are manufactured in gift to the complex engineering-geological surveys.

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