Geological engineering

Engineering geological surveys were in demand earlier and relevant in our time. They lie in careful study of the existing geological conditions on a particular plot of land. Why is it so important? Primarily because most construction projects are located in the major cities, that is next to the existing buildings. Since these facilities are typically housed there for quite a while, the buildings and geological environment represent a unified engineering and geological system. Engineering geological surveys for construction of a new engineering facility allow you to figure out all the physico-mechanical characteristics of soils and find out how they meet building codes. Most primers require any additional work aimed at their seal or protection from flooding.

Geological engineering

geological Engineering price this service can significantly vary depending on the complexity of the plot, the number of ground layers, which are located within that territory, and, of course, from the contractor. Let us consider all these factors. To start, You should choose a company that will be able to conduct all surveys. The company "Guild Engineering" performs engineering and geological surveys in regional centers and small towns. Our employees are highly qualified, use quality equipment and proven methods – so the results of engineering-geological surveys we always true.

In the design initially, it turns out, what type of Foundation (if it even needs to be) will be created, and what are the dimensions of the structure. Given these data, the experts calculate the zone of influence of future buildings. That is, it is the area in which the soils will be affected by the new feature. To calculate it is quite simple, both in depth and width. After ascertaining this information, the specialists start drilling. Geological engineering and price depend on the number of wells drilled, their depth and the number of samples.

In accordance with existing regulations the number of samples that must be withdrawn from each soil layer, strictly defined. Accordingly, the more layers encountered, and the larger the well depth, the higher the cost of these surveys. the Engineering-geological surveys for construction include laboratory handling the sample. This gives you the opportunity to find out all the essential features and to give some recommendations to the customer work. The primers are checked for the presence of groundwater.

In case when drilling was greeted aquifer, we conducted additional analyses to determine the chemical composition of water. Is determined by the level of her aggression to metal and concrete, concludes podtablemodel footage and compiled a list of these events. Be sure to stick to them because otherwise the plot can develop adverse geological processes, and this poses a threat to the safety of people and structures.

Engineering-geological surveys allow to obtain reliable information on the soils within the study area, to determine their main characteristics and to obtain the opinion of qualified experts, which You upon completion of the engineering-geological works will be given by our staff.

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