Geological engineering

Engineering-geological researches are conducted to study the Geology of the site. Unlike conventional Geology, engineering is considering the impact of buildings on the natural environment. the Geological more logical to spend in combination with topographical observations on the ground. Most often they need before beginning construction, however, are held and for built-up urban areas. The mandatory part of these investigations - drilling of wells on the ground and removal of soil tests. The employees of LLC "Guild Engineering" geological use special devices to perform the whole complex of works.

Geological engineering

Geological work for the project. They have a  specific differences from all other kinds of geodetic and geological surveys. They need to get dental information about existing soils and avoid the occurrence of various emergency situations. They can be triggered by inundation of soils with groundwater, subsidence, slope processes, etc.

geological and Engineering studies if they are carried out efficiently and on time, avoid such situations and to take all necessary measures for the timely prevention of emergency situations on the ground. The integrity of buildings, and in particular on the real state of the underground part of the facility negatively affected by certain geological processes that periodically occur at the sites. Therefore, all soils that fall in the zone of influence of the future building, studied us in great detail. Samples are carefully selected from each layer and examined in a laboratory. Investigated physical and mechanical characteristics of each soil layer. This information is recorded in the report and are accompanied by characteristic  recommendations and advice from experts, geologists.

Geological work for the project and work within areas with existing buildings (often in large towns) are run by masters of the company company "Guild Engineering" quickly and correctly. This is important if the terrain is observed active development of adverse geological processes. In this situation, geological works are conducted regularly and allow you to monitor even the slightest changes. To completely stop the development and progression of such processes is not possible, however, you can significantly to suspend and secure the structure.

First, we carry out reconnaissance on the proposed construction. At this stage, find out whether there is karst, erosion, and other  unwanted processes. It is necessary to create a forecast of events. Geological processes often can have a negative impact on the condition of engineering structures and lead to their deformation and destruction. To avoid such a situation, it is time to take action and carefully follow the wishes of the geologists. Geological are performed by our staff in various locations (both large and small) and is quite popular. Our specialists perform them quickly and very efficiently. Field investigations accompanied by laboratory tests all samples received ground and clearance in accordance with the standards of supporting documentation and maps.

Geological work for the project are held throughout the area, which is intended for construction works. Herewith it is necessary to drill a number of wells. So our specialists can obtain the necessary material for successful laboratory research. The terrain is broken geodetic network, and is composed topoplan. It will display the location of wells and other information. It is required for the next stages of research.

In connection with the design of buildings should take into account all the found properties of rocks. This will give a real opportunity to choose the most appropriate site to build, calculate all the necessary arrangements and provide all the possible negative consequences. It is particularly important in the construction of the facilities in built up areas. They can disrupt the balance between geo-environment and  various structures (homes, communications, factories etc.), which has already been installed. the geological Engineering in this binding.

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