Engineering-geological conditions

the Design of the building is impossible without engineering Geology. And while some ignore this process, however, it is very important to do further construction work and final result.

Engineering-geological conditions

Every engineer conducting work on the construction site, have qualified to approach these issues, so as to minimize the negative impact of natural factors on the structure and Vice versa. Adhere to engineering-geological conditions.

Engineering-geological conditions a complex geological features that define the conditions for conducting research, as well as the construction and operation of structures on the basis of these investigations.

In each of these components are allocated to their actual conditions, which require careful study. For example, the construction process is impossible without knowledge of soil composition or condition of the groundwater.

Some geological features require in-depth research with the help of special equipment, and some can be seen with the naked eye. Just take a look for relief to the situation areas. For example, if the area is hilly, there is a possibility of erosion processes. They can be avoided by flattening the site prior to construction.

Engineering-geological conditions of the area involve detailed consideration of such components:

  • land;
  • groundwater characteristics of the site – structure, properties, the degree of freezing.
  • groundwater – their composition, location, impact on building materials.

Surveys conducted by probing, drilling and laboratory analysis. The most common method is drilling and taking samples for laboratory analysis. In turn, laboratory analysis enables you to learn the many features. However, if this is not enough, you can resort to more sophisticated techniques. Be done they would no longer be in the lab with a small number of samples and on-site. So you can more carefully examine every feature. To such field or in-situ methods include sensing of soil and other procedures. These methods are considered optional and is only necessary if the site is allocated for large-scale construction or has a problematic Geology.

in Addition to the study of each of the components, they are analyzed, and a forecast of possible changes of geological conditions that may occur during the operation of the building.

Each of these elements has its own impact on the structure and often this influence is negative. Both positive and negative characteristics, and detailed analytical section consists of a single technical report. Based on the recommendations from the engineer-geologist, stated in it, you should choose the type and method of construction, especially the Foundation, but also to carry out the selection of building materials.

As you can see, engineering-geological conditions of the construction site is a very important component. Geological survey of nature must necessarily take place. The result of ignoring these procedures are the destruction of the structure due to natural disasters (landslides), as well as deformation due to non-compliance during construction. If you understand the relevance of these procedures, please contact the company " Guild Engineering”.

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