Engineering studies for project development

the Construction of any building, regardless of the purpose and type of construction, are obliged to take the start with the development of project documents. To carry out such work is possible only by ordering this special service, as engineering surveys for the development of the project − a procedure which involves the detection and processing of GEODATA required to provide stroiproektservis accurate information about geoslope location (this can be a site, area or route). As a result of such research will be obtained reliable information concerning the territory that would become the basis for drafting the project documentation.

Engineering studies for project development

the Role of these studies should not be underestimated: professionally trained, will help to establish the characteristics of the landscape structure within the study area, as well as the load-bearing properties and soil type. On the basis of this information, you will forecast on the possible drawdown of the lower structural element, based on which can correctly pick the number and type of materials needed. A huge advantage of such surveys is that the resulting data will help to determine the optimal dimensions of future structures, to calculate the impact of new designs on objects nearby. Because of this, it is likely to prevent the occurrence of unsafe geoprocessor.

the Importance of the implementation of the Geology in the pre-design phase

Timely engineering surveys for the development of the project will be key to the prevention of adverse situations in the future life of the structure. Mandatory comprehensive studies that are implemented according to the requirements of the main normative document construction norms and rules, will allow to save considerably. After all, if to build the object without a sensible layout and topography of the site, it is not excluded the appearance of cracks in the walls, skewed Windows and doorways, destruction of communication systems and other dangerous defects. In order to avoid the above problem, order engineering surveys for the development project of the company "Guild Engineering". The price of our services are quite affordable in comparison with total costs for the construction of object − miserable.

besides, competently carried out by engineering geologists work and recommendations can help prevent accidents in the construction process. With these surveys it is possible with maximum accuracy to plan construction activities at the construction site, taking into account properties of soils, as well as the number and depth of modularization.

exploring geologists?

Surveys involve a careful special study of the different components of the geological environment, which subsequently can affect the objects. These components include:

  • relief;
  • geostrata;
  • groundwater
  • ];
  • soils (properties, status);
  • unsafe geological processes.

advanced engineering surveys for the development of the project is necessary to determine how reliable the site selected for construction before the design of the lower structural element of the future structure.

the event includes pre-Geology?

Scoping studies are the following works:

  • excavation and sampling of geological boreholes;
  • various sensing soil;
  • laboratory study of selected samples;
  • soil test punching;
  • processing of data obtained during field work and laboratory studies, preparation of technical statements.

All of these operations are performed with a certain phasing. According to the standard, the activities are divided into three stages: preliminary, field and laboratory. At the end of the survey the customer receives a technical report with relevant information about the plot.

features of engineering-geological report

Traditionally, the resulting georesearches, the final document is sent to the customer either directly from the project organization. On the basis of such report, the whole project documentation.

Technical report performed by engineers, geologists, consists of:

  1. Introduction.
  2. General.
  3. .
  4. Applications in the form of maps and sections

introductory part provides for the indication of the place of performance of survey activities, and objective measures. In chapters of the General part of the description are indicated by climate and landscape, and vegetation. Also provides maps of optimal materials that will be required in the implementation of works on construction of the object. Special chapters contain information about the basic objects of study − the soils and groundwater. The final part of the technical report provides a General assessment of geological conditions on the site and its suitability for construction activities.

Important: in the report must be application − graphic material such as maps, columns, holes, slits. Not less than required tables of properties of soil, chemical analysis of groundwater and directory yourbook.

Cost of services

Often novice developers have, the question arises: what determines the price of such mandatory services as engineering surveys for the development project any property? Most often the price of such research is significantly influenced by the following factors:

  • set by the customer in the terms of reference of the target;
  • the area of the site;
  • time;
  • the methods and scope of work;
  • distance of the property.

Also the main criteria that influence the cost include the exploration of land, relief, structure and necessary for quality research number of wells.

the company "Guild Engineering" ensures the operational implementation of the preparatory work, high quality services that allow you to start construction work with the existing features of the land.

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