the Main requirements for engineering surveys for justification of construction activities

If you try to outline the main requirements for engineering surveys for construction generally, without going into highly specialized tasks of different types of research and research, it should be noted such qualities which should be inherent to research studies:

  1. Validity. Report materials on the results of engineering surveys may contain conclusions based only on reliable evidence. The above information must be supported by documented field observations, laboratory test reports and analyses, calculations made on the basis of proven and officially recognized methods. Used for calculations and predictive modelling of situations the software should be certified and allowed to use the main government body supervising the sphere of engineering.
  2. Completeness. Studied the engineering aspect of the conditions of the study area must cover comprehensively, not limited to the characteristics of individual, selected features. For example, when carrying out engineering-geological researches can not stop, only by understanding and describing the physical and mechanical properties of soil differences. A large value may also have a spatial position of the layers (the direction and angle of soil layers), the presence of tectonic deformation, the activity or the lack of modern geological processes in the area of engineering survey.
  3. Compliance with regulatory and methodical requirements. In every area of engineering, whether it's Geology, ecology, geodesy, meteorology etc., There is legal framework consists of statutory documents regulating the procedures and methodological approach to the research. The duty of the heads of research organizations and some of its specialized units to monitor the strict observance of the established procedure.

the Main requirements for engineering surveys for justification of construction activities

the Order and stages of engineering surveys

many Years of practice and exploration work has enabled us to develop a stepwise procedure for conducting engineering studies, which gives the best results.

  1. to Start the search always with the collection and processing of available archival materials surveys in the area (or near it) in previous years. Thus it is possible to obtain much valuable information, reduce time and reduce the cost of the engineering survey.
  2. Primary stage - field research should be preceded by reconnaissance of the terrain. Route survey area for the future work allows to specify the action plan and to do field work in the most efficient and effective.
  3. the Main the amount of actual material the researchers getting on the field phase of the work (sampling, documentation, direct observation).
  4. Laboratory stage of research should be started immediately after sampling and carried out in a short time (until the delivered samples are not lost representativeness).
  5. Completing the engineering survey stage, calculation processing of the collected data, predictive modeling, preparation of drawings and text of accounting documents. At this stage (if it was provided in the contract) is set by the Executive estimates for engineering surveys.

highlights of the technical report on engineering geological survey for construction

Complex engineering surveys must be subordinated to the solution of a number of key design tasks, which include:

  • justification of the design decisions in these terms, the economic reasonableness of construction on the selected site;
  • analysis of options for placing building objects on the ground, determining the optimal layout solutions;
  • forecast development of the situation with the main options;
  • development-related construction of additional engineering measures to protect the designed facility and the environment.

Requirements and estimate documentation engineering survey

Regulatory requirements governing the preparation of estimate-contractual documentation, the possibility of concluding agreements with different ways of pricing contract work. At the conclusion of the contract on production engineering, it, at the discretion of the parties, may be specified final or open value.

the Final cost of the engineering survey is not subject to further adjustments and can be set up for survey work, the volume of which can be determined in advance and accurately.

For cases in the construction of a complex for design and survey conditions when the volume of work is not known in advance and specified in the course of their implementation of the initial stages, it is more convenient to specify in the contract the value of open research, which allows for the possibility of adjustments on certain grounds.

For contracts with an open price, at the conclusion, preliminary estimates of the engineering survey, which after completion of the work, after providing to the customer technical report is replaced by the Executive estimates prepared in accordance of actually performed works.

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