The production engineering research

Due to technical and natural conditions of the area where the planned implementation of any type of building or other engineering works typically studied in the complex, through the production of engineering surveys. Moreover, the extracted information researchers are interested in several aspects:

  1. compatibility technical data of the project to local conditions;
  2. change of conditions after engineering impacts;
  3. the need for engineering protection design of the object from the adverse factors of the environment (the detection thereof);
  4. conservation of ecologically safe environment for the residents, animals and plants of the study area.

the production of engineering surveys

Engineering tasks requiring the production engineering research

a Comprehensive study with the aim of obtaining data that justify the construction activities, as foreseen by the regulatory documents is performed in the following cases:

  • before developing technical and economic justification of investment;
  • to harmonize the development plans of settlements, preparation of architectural and town-planning documentation;
  • in the preparation of design documents for construction;
  • in the preparation of the project of reconstruction of engineering constructions, expansion or re-equipment of industrial enterprises;
  • in preparation for the liquidation or preservation of objects requiring engineering measures, which may affect the safety of the environment;
  • to inform engineering solutions;
  • if necessary, collect materials for conducting state cadastral databases.

Principal engineering research

Engineering research include different research areas.

  1. Engineering geodesy. Used in geotechnical investigations to obtain an accurate picture of surface before construction works of the site (topography, vzaimoporozhdeniya natural and artificial objects) of the reconstructed structures (the plans of the façade, individual floors). Necessary surveying and to bind to areas of a construction project. In the process of building surveyors are surveying Executive.
  2. Engineering Geology. Included in the engineering survey for assessing the prospects of the planned activities in the geological conditions of the selected area. Field, laboratory testing, design methods is established in relation to the reaction of the soil environment on the outside of the construction impact. For geotechnical materials based measures aimed at ensuring the stability of engineering structures.
  3. environmental Engineering. Important if the project is constructed or justifies the decision represents a potential threat to the environment (air quality, water bodies, soil). The task of environmental engineers is to correctly evaluate and compare with acceptable standards for the extent of exposure. In the case of exceeding the thresholds, you may need to limit the power characteristics impact on the environment object, or to schedule compensatory environmental measures.

the Determination of prices of engineering surveys for construction

At the time of writing contracts to conduct engineering surveys, their value is determined by estimated calculations. Estimate (or cost estimate) - a document confirming the monetary value of planned engineering works. Compiled based on the approved technical project, research program. In the preparation of estimates takes into account the current pricing of engineering research and regulatory set base price. Estimate included in the package of contractual documents as part of the contract. Along with the terms of reference, schedule, program engineering survey.

If the study will be carried out in several narrow firms specialise in particular types of work, customers are obliged to conclude any of them a separate contract. In this case, the price of engineering-geological investigations, topographical and other surveys will be determined by specific cost estimates.

In some situations, if the circumstances suggest that the recruitment and planned survey studies may vary taking into account the obtained intermediate results, the contract price is open, that is, subject to final clarification after completion of the full cycle of research, based on takes into account all changes to the Executive budget. In particular, in contracts for engineering and geological surveys, the price is often assigned to open when carrying out exploration in areas with complex geological conditions.

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