Executive geodetic survey of the pit scheme facade

Executive geodetic survey aimed at the control of the builders. Also, this survey allows us to determine the accuracy of issuing a draft of a building or structure in kind and to determine all deviations from the project that were made during the construction process. The reasons for such deviations and deformations can be very different. Executive survey involves a set of activities aimed at measuring to get the real coordinates of the characteristic points that are different from data in the project documentation by a certain value.

Executive geodetic survey of the pit scheme facade

Executive survey in these days is the basis for the drafting of the property, which is required for the legal aspect of construction. On survey documents the surveyor records the information about all the important deviations of building structures from the project documentation.

These surveying held at the end of each stage of installation and construction works and finishes the control and the final shot is already fully built object, the results of which issued relevant documents. The content of this documentation can be submitted either in electronic or in graphical form, it depends on what format they required ordering these services face. It carries information about the actual situation of the construction project and its individual elements. All materials is made in accordance with all requirements of applicable regulatory documentation.

documentation, which are prepared during the construction process, contains all the information, starting from the completion of the excavation and ending with installation of roofing works. When the construction process is completed, geodetic survey, which is called control. On the basis of its final compiled plan showing the deviations submitted project in nature from the original project documentation.

the Preparatory stage of the construction of buildings or structures is carried out as-built survey of the pit. Qualitative survey allows the customer to independently verify the amounts of soil and reasonably pay for their development.

Shooting must conform to generally accepted SNiP:

  • control Executive survey is carried out for acceptance of construction works object or utilities for quality control of the sentencing project in nature, as well as their conformity provided by the contractor on as-built drawings;
  • data about the undertaken construction work needed each day to bring in relevant journals by welding provided the services, the installation of structures, corrosion of ensuring weld joints, the implementation of connections, and daily fix of the location of structures on documentation;
  • mounting components necessary to install high quality and durable, which will ensure the safe conduct of construction. Geodetic surveying is carried out to control the correct placement of these structures;
  • documentation must contain the following materials: - built drawings; factory technical passport of construction; documentation confirming the quality of materials used during construction; logs of work performed; the Executive scheme showing the position of the bearing structure.

When the handover of the building in operation, you must have certain documentation.

the List of required documents for 2015.

  • Topographic mapping 1:500, consistent with the architecture for the initial design.
  • the Act of staking out the boundaries of the land
  • the Act of acceptance of the geodetic framework for the customer
  • the Executive scheme geodetic framework for the contractor.
  • the Act of Stakeout (Stakeout) of the principal axes of the object for the customer.
  • the Executive scheme of Stakeout (Stakeout), the axis before
  • Executive of shooting in the elements, structures and portions of buildings and structures.
  • the Executive scheme of digging a pit with the calculation of volumes.
  • the determination of the extent of earth mass (for STATE construction projects) and all that is connected with cost which can be measured, reason materials.
  • Executive scheme of pile Foundation, pile heads with bindings and marks.
  • Executive geodetic survey of ground under the foundations.
  • Executive geodesic survey of the foundations, at all key moments (sole, itself the Foundation of all sections where changing the geometry node).
  • Shooting podelnikov
  • Executive core and half-timbered columns + tip columns
  • geodetic Floor Executive schemes, and partition walls, floors and ceilings
  • as-built survey of lift.
  • the Executive scheme of a roof with slopes and counter gradients.
  • Executive survey columns on each floor.3D shooting facades.
  • Executive scheme of landscaping.
  • as-built survey of all external and internal networks and communications. Here's an example of shooting a 2015 release.
  • as-built survey of the technological equipment.
  • Topographic mapping object m 1:500 after completion of construction works.

Blocks of the foundations of the glass type as well as their display on the Executive is carried out according to the plans of the center axes in two directions that are mutually perpendicular. At this axial level of the foundations aligned with the targets, which are fixed on the base. Verification of correct installation is also possible with the help of specialized surveying instruments.


Example perform as-built survey

Surveying of steel structures provides an opportunity to determine the quality and accuracy of their installation. If mistakes were made by the builders during the erection of steel structures, using as-built survey, they will be identified, and based on the performed geodetic works will be taken measures for elimination of defects and various deviations. On the basis of the data obtained during this survey compiled by the appropriate documentation, which contains as-built drawings and various materials. They can be presented in graphical form and electronic. Comes with a certification of the surveyor who conducts the survey for the construction project. Geodetic documentation has relevance for the implementation of the subsequent works and plays a very important role during the inspection during the operation and commissioning of the object.

fotos FACADE

Agreed Executive survey is very important for professionals who perform installation of ventilated facades. Without it is impossible to carry out these works. Executive survey gives the maximum information about the real magnitude of the object, the horizons of its Windows and the lifting of the walls as from and to the building.

Also, before you set facade tiles needed:

  • Executive survey slats of the facade;
  • removal of reference horizons in the same elevation around the perimeter of the building.

Having considerable experience in the construction of factories, residential home, several hundred different according to the purpose of buildings, we can confidently say that important Executive survey not only for the construction but also plays an important role in the daily operation of the manufacturing equipment.

Chief architect, designed the facility, regardless of whether it is a multistory building or a private house, enjoys two important points:

  • style design;
  • technical specifications.

we Consider in detail the second point.  for Example there are also restrictions in the area, which is important in most cases.

you, as a customer may be such requirements to the house, take the geometric aspect of this thing:

  • a passage of 80 cm from the neighbor's fence;
  • floors at 40 cm above the road;
  • 2 car garage 5 meters by 7 meters
  • on the first floor billiard table h mm;
  • a TV in the room is 55';
  • washing machine in the bathroom 84.8 x 60 x 40 cm

This allows with millimeter precision to trace the precise geometry during the design process.


Search characteristic points

When completed construction of the facility involved an independent geodetic organization to verify the accuracy and correctness of the sentencing project in nature. Is a professional inspection of the whole geometry of the building. As-built surveys are subjected to boundary marks, piles and foundations, walls and stairs, walls and ceilings, floors and roofs, utilities, improvement.

If the Executive surveys found any deviations or defects, steps shall be taken to eliminate the mistakes made by the builders during the installationconstruction.

don't skimp on this kind of geodetic services, as time undetected errors can lead to emergency situations, the elimination of which will cost much more than time spent geodetic survey.

it is Very important that the survey was conducted professionals. "the Guild of Engineering" gathered a staff of the best surveyors from all over Ukraine. Great experience, possession of special skills and knowledge, ability to deal with specialized equipment allows our surveyors to obtain the most accurate data during the implementation of geodetic works. We understand the importance of their work and also appreciate your time, so all services are provided by our professionals efficiently and on time. Entrusting us with the survey, you will be satisfied.

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