Executive geodetic survey of the piers, geodetic service

With the erection of buildings and structures in moderately and weakly resistant soils, when the bearing capacity of Foundation are insufficient, apply pile type foundations. Varieties by way of driving and the location of the construction set. A very important factor is the correct location of piles in nature geodetic service for the acquisition of full load capacity. For a quick and quality orientation piers on the terrain necessary Executive geodetic survey piles which will involved surveying service, having highly skilled specialists with modern high-precision equipment with all the necessary skills, methods and techniques of performing this type of operation.

Executive geodetic survey of the piers, geodetic service

Very often have to deal with the problems associated with changes and revisions of the project during execution of works, which, in turn, requires immediate intervention surveying services for the timely adjustment of innovations on the ground. Also unfortunate factor is negligent attitude of the builders, and not only workers, but also engineers, to the signs of the geodetic center of the base (pegs, dowels, marks, points, labels, and so on), resulting in the need of checking the location constructive directly before installation, and if necessary, perform some operations on the operational adjustment of the installed item. From this it follows that the constant presence of geodetic support timely Executive survey object - this is an extremely necessary part of the construction process, especially during the Foundation of a building or structure.

Surveying the pile of fields you need to trust only the geodetic services, staffed by highly qualified specialists. Geodetic services when carrying out geodetic works pile field perform these operations:

the breakdown pile fields;

Executive scheme piles;

- take-away pile fields.

Proof of compliance of the project and correct location of piles and piers the document isExecutive survey pile field in fact performed work.

Executive geodetic survey will allow to verify the correctness of the position of the piles. It is very important to track, as the piles in the future will be the basis of the Foundation, and, consequently, all constructed buildings. The correctness of the location of the piles depends on the strength and reliability of constructed real estate object, and substandard performance of geodetic works can lead to negative consequences, which can lead to the destruction of the buildings and facilities, emergency situations, leading, in some cases, victims. Therefore carry out these works should be entrusted only to qualified specialists with the necessary skills and knowledge to provide surveying services. Such professionals work in the company "Guild Engineering". In their work they use innovative specialized equipment - total stations, locators, electronic levels, which receive the data with millimeter precision.

Conduct as-built survey of the piles allows to carry out control over observance of the important parameters of the location of piles, namely:

  • correctness of their placement according to a set point;
  • the correct vertical positioning;
  • the depth of the piles required for the area.

Upon termination of the Executive survey compiled as-built documentation based on the obtained data. They consist of drawings and various materials, which can be executed either in graphical form or electronic, depending on what format they are required by the customer. Our specialists draw up Executive materials in accordance with all regulatory requirements. Also in our company you can go for the provision of other surveying services. We all work performed efficiently and quickly.

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